Texas Epilepsy Patients Set To Get Medical Cannabis Oil

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In a big decision this year, lawmakers allowed patients with uncontrollable epilepsy to have access to a special oil made from marijuana plants. Thursday, the rules surrounding that decision were approved.

It's an early Christmas for Terri Carriker, her two sons and 13-year-old daughter. "Our whole family's life was hijacked by Catherine's epilepsy," said Carriker.

This is a good day, sometimes it's worse. "We live every day with the possibility that this could be the last day with her," she said.

Catherine has intractable epilepsy, causing severe seizures. Her eyes roll back. It comes with mental and physical damage that can't be undone. Something that might help has been out of reach. "To know there was an option that could be more beneficial to her, and have it out of reach... again, I don't think I have words. Devastating. It's devastating," said Carriker.

She hopes future Christmases will be different.

"It is historic, and we're glad as part of the commission to be a part of that," said Cindy Leon, the chair of the Texas Public Safety Commission.

The five member commission approved DPS rules lawmakers passed with the Compassionate Use Act. The real-world process for medical cannabis oil can begin. "We hope it works well for those people. We're a compassionate organization. We're a compassionate state," said Commissioner Leon.

After years of trying drug after drug, wreaking havoc on Catherine's liver, the Carrikers will celebrate a brighter future this Christmas.

The Department of Public Safety has to license three dispensing organizations by Sept. 1, 2017. They can come before then. Under Texas law only people with epilepsy that cannot be controlled by medicine can use cannabidiol oil.

Texas is one of 15 states with programs to allow access to Cannabidiol for seizure disorders. The oil removes most of the chemical in marijuana that makes people high. The Texas law puts strict limits on who can use the cannabidiol oil. Patients must receive the recommendation of two medical specialists. The law only lets licensed organizations distribute the oil. The state plans to limit licenses to three groups. Those distributors also have to pay fees to the state.


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