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THC potency levels


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Hello friends, am trying to find the potency of my distilled oil.
I've been looking around for analysers and found Tcheck2, My DXCanna, and a German one, later i found some others but super expensive 20k above.
Have any one tried them?
If not is there a method to check the THC level based on the % of the strain?
I have seen strip tests but they go up to 20% for strains only.
Sorry am asking so many questions.
Many thanks in advance!


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A few members have used this testing lab:
Precision. Safety. Innovation. · PSI Labs

Well, considering the fact that we have 140,000+ members, lol, I'd guess more than a few. But customers have the option to allow their test results to be publicly visible here:
PSI Labs
...and I've recognized a few user names.

You stated that you are interested in THC levels, so I selected (separately) both the Concentrates and Infusions categories, and sorted each by THC. I saw infusions listed at up to 99.999% THC content and concentrates listed at up to 93.80%. There's also a separate category called Edible Concentrate (among others).

They offer a pretty full range of tests and the prices appear to be reasonable, all things considered. I cannot speak as to the accuracy of the business, as I have not personally used it. But, as I mentioned, some members here have - and I do not recall ever reading any threads in which people were complaining about PSI Labs.

I don't know if any of our forum's sponsors are cannabis testing labs. I should have looked there first for you - and strongly suggest you do so, because it's their sponsorship fees that keep this forum in existence and free for all of us to use - but I recalled reading about a member's positive experience with this business and, to be honest, I have to get up in about three hours so I really need to at least lay down for a bit.


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Thanks Torturedsoul, found this, quite expensive Shop
i wonder if there is a way to get the percentage of the strain and apply it to the oil some how.
I think i read somewhere if the strain is 20% thc and you make over 10 grams the oil should be from 80% to 90% home made, without the short path evaporation, just basic distilled oil.


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I don't really know how it works, in regards to potency of the materials versus potency of the final product. Remember that people can make a pretty potent extract...

...from leaves.
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