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Toledo Hemp Center Awards Elev8 Brands, Inc. Hemp Coffee Contract

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Elev8 Brands, Inc., a holding company focused on the commercial development of hemp and CBD-based products including hemp coffee, tea, and E-juices which target the health and wellness markets, announces an awarded contract from Toledo Hemp Center to produce a customized hemp coffee product line.

Toledo Hemp Center is founded and operated by owner Kevin Spitler which retails quality hemp and CBD products in Toledo, Ohio. Spitler has been an instrumental leader and advocate for the industrial hemp industry throughout the local community. While nearly a third of Americans experience chronic pain at some point in their lives Toledo Hemp Center utilizes the benefits of the industrial hemp plant to produce quality consumer products which provide better quality of life for its' customers.

One of the best-selling products at Toledo Hemp Center is hemp coffee. With popularity of hemp coffee continuing the grow the company set forth to identify a partner that could provide a turnkey solution including sourcing quality coffee beans, roasting and packaging in sustainable materials.

Earlier this month, Kevin and his team toured the Elev8 Brand's roasting and packaging facility while sampling custom made hemp coffees. "We were extremely impressed with the quality of products we sampled and the ability to tweak the recipe to our exact specifications. It was critical our partner's facility was Fair Trade certified with organically sourced ingredients." stated Spitler. "The sustainable packaging options Elev8 Brands provided also aligned with our mission to produce environmentally friendly products."

Toledo Hemp Center will launch two flavors of hemp coffee variations Dark Roast and Hazelnut. The companies are finalizing label requirements and plan to begin roasting and packaging of the new product this month.

CEO of Elev8 Brands Ryan Medico commented, "We're extremely excited to be awarded the Toledo Hemp Center contract and to work with Kevin and his team. It's amazing to see the impact Kevin has made in the hemp industry and Toledo community."

Medico concluded, "We have one of best facilities for coffee sourcing, roasting and packaging in the country. In addition to our growing our Elev8 Hemp products we see a tremendous recurring revenue opportunity to support established coffee brands such as Toledo Hemp Center."


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