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me and my buddies are going to toronto and wanted to know if anyone knew where the hot weed spots and places to visit involving weed in toronto
Toronto's a blast

Sacred Seed - Exotic Seed And Houseplant Shop
Specializing in medicinal, rare, and otherwise intriguing plants.
2A Dundonald Street, Toronto Ontario

The Hidden Jungle
3345 Lakeshore Blvd. West
Toronto, Ontario, Canada also has great selection of seeds.

also check out THC's links they have a whole list of toronto links

Oh, and just go there and roll up a joint, no one will bother you. I wouldn't park right next to a seed bank though. : p hehe

Have fun in toronto and don't be afraid to carry weed with you everywhere in your shoe. Just answer short questions with short answers and you'll be ok.
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Check out Yongesterdam...

Toronto Hemp Company (THC)
Hemp and Related Products & Info
665 Yonge Street - M4Y 1Z9
416-920-1980 Map

Vapor Central
667 Yonge Street, 2nd Floor
M4Y 1Z9
416-923-3556 Map

Sacred Seed
Exotic Seed & Houseplant Shop
2A Dundonald Street - M4Y 1K2
416-928-6811 Map

KindRed Café
Organic Green Bean Coffee House
7 Breadalbane Street - M4Y 1C2
416-920-0404 Map

Toronto Art Glass
Glass Studio, Supplies & Teaching
2B Dundonald Street - M4Y 1K2

Toronto Compassion Centre
Medicinal Cannabis (Marijuana)
Resource Centre and 'Buyers Club'.
PO Box 65151 RPO Chester - M4K 3Z2
(mailing only)
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