Why do You Need to Own a Yocan Zen Dab Pen Vaporizer?

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Yocan Zen is the first dab pen vaporizer to use ceramic & diatomaceous earth coils. The overall size is 14.2*121mm and the weight is 43.5 grams. With a 650mAh battery capacity and long standby time, the Yocan Zen dab pen is a portable device designed for people on the go.
The following content will give you a detailed introduction to the benefits of using the Yocan Zen dab pen vaporizer.

The overall appearance of the Yocan Zen is similar to a pen. Concentrates can be completely enclosed inside the Zen dab pen vaporizer. Don't worry about anyone knowing what you're smoking. Especially in some areas with strict control, the Yocan Zen dab pen vaporizer is very suitable.
Flavor preservation
Yocan Zen uses a newly upgraded C4-DE coil, which perfectly combines ceramic and food-grade diatomaceous earth. Let the Yocan Zen wax dab pen completely vaporize the concentrate in just three seconds, producing a massive, clean-tasting vapor. Preserving the terpene and flavor profile of the cannabis strain, providing a tastier and more enjoyable experience.
The Yocan Zen electric dab pen is small and powered by a 650mAh rechargeable battery, allowing you to use it all day without worrying about power outages.
The compact size makes it easy to carry in your pocket or purse.
Reduce waste
Yocan Zen dab pens are more effective than traditional smoking methods because they make better use of concentrate. The stainless steel Yocan Zen is very resistant to falling and wear, effectively extending its service life.

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