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Yoga and Meditation


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I just started doing yoga and started meditating again after about 2 years of not doing it and I have to say, that even after just a week of doing both twice a day (I have morning yoga/meditation and evening that help do different things) I feel a lot better than I have in a while. And best of all, it only take about an hour and a half a day in total.

I know that yoga and meditation (eastern philosphy things in general it seems) have become almost a fad in recent years, but that doesn't mean that a lot of that stuff really does help you.

Anyone hear meditate or practice yoga, or other things of the sort, like tai chi or anything?

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I have been very interested in learning, but have never taken the time. Is this something I could learn from a book? I know back in the 70's a lot of my friends were involved in TM, but I never tried it or took the classes.


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Yes you can learn to meditate from a book but it requires self-discipline which is easier if you start with a group or a class. I've done a lot of complicated techniques, workshops, weekends, etc., which were not really necessary but enjoyable. It all boils down to just sitting and focusing on the breath. Nothing more complicated needed. Yoga and Tai Chi can be learned from videos but a class is better. The drawback is you have to pay for classes. I'm not too disciplined lately but one valuable thing I use often is a mantra or a certain group of words with special meaning that I use to calm down or stop unwanted thoughts from making me crazy.


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I have very recently become excited over self help, and meditation. I bought a book, and it's been useful so far. I was looking for something to rid my body of all these negative spirits, and I think I may have found my answer. Between being a chill person (from bud..) and meditation transforming my negative vibes I hope to finally be at peace, and continue living my life again.

(I've suffered from depression and anxiety for a while now, and self help/meditation have really opened new doors for me)

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I also deal with depression and anxiety. In group therapy, we were to pick a spot on the wall and focus until we could clear our mind. Mine never cleared. I think I was putting forth too much energy to do a simple thing. Well, maybe it isn't simple, because I can't do it, or should I say, haven't been able to do it. I found myself thinking of things that I need to clear my mind of that I wasn't even thinking. It isn't as easy as speaking, "peace, be still.":peace:


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The medidative qualities of yoga can help you achieve control over your body, mind and breath.

I would recommend starting with a yoga class as opposed to self-teaching through a book. This is the ideal way to learn so that you achieve the maximum benefits and avoid injury. If you have a yoga center in your area, I would generally recommend taking classes there. A good house will expose you to the different disciplines of yoga enabling you to choose which best suits you. Always practice at your own pace...it should always be "your" yoga regardless of the class skill level.

I like to practice yoga when I'm stoned because it intensifies the meditative experience for me. Try it, I think you'll like what you find....

:51: Peace
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