420 Magazine’s Grow Journal Of The Month – September 2017


Congratulations to conradino23 for winning 420 Magazine’s Grow Journal of the Month – September 2017!

This award celebrates the very best grow journals on 420 Magazine. based on relevant content, quality of writing, photography and general knowledge sharing. All grow journals are chosen by the 420 Magazine staff, to avoid any rumors of this being a popularity contest.

The winner earns 420 rep points, “Grow Journal Of The Month” title, 420 Mag T-ShirtBic 420 Magazine Lighter420 Mag Stickers420 Magazine Magnet and a Medium 420 Magazine Nug Jar!

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King of North Italy, Master of the Bonsai and Strain Connoisseur extraordinaire, conradino23 has contributed top quality content to 420 Magazine over the years. His current grow journal is no exception. Follow his work and you will not fail to learn about soil composition, using organic mineral amendments, beneficial bacteria and funghi in the form of powders, teas and and sprays, coping with the elements, dealing with pests (with two legs or more), stealthy outdoor growing, creating beautiful bonsais, plenty about strains and heritage, and get your questions answered too. All topped off with fabulous photos from incredible Italy.

Conrad’s journal is the work of a master: one steeped in experience, full of knowledge and happy to share.

Thank you, conradino23, for all you do for our community. We are truly grateful that you are here.