420 Magazine Photo of the Month: January 2022


We want to showcase and celebrate the very best photographs of our beloved plant, Cannabis. Unlike our Plant and Nug of the Month contests, this Photo of the Month contest is all about the quality of an individual photo. It is judged by the 420 Magazine staff, based on composition, lighting, originality and general quality.

Congratulations to Krissi1982 whose photograph triumphed in this month’s contest.

First Place
420 Magazine420 Magazine Lighter420 Magazine Magnet420 Magazine Stickers & Small 420 Magazine Nug Jar
GeoPot: Five 7 Gallon GeoPots
Geoflora Nutrients: 4lb Geoflora Veg & 4lb Geoflora Bloom
Foods AliveOrganic Toasted Hemp Seeds
PerfectPipeTwo Pipe Travel Kit
Sierra Natural ScienceSNS-217 Spider Mite Control – 1 Quart Mix Pouch
Prescription BlendComplete Nutrient Kit

Second Place
420 Magazine420 Magazine Lighter420 Magazine Magnet & 420 Magazine Stickers

Third Place
420 Magazine420 Magazine Magnet & 420 Magazine Stickers

Congratulations, Krissi1982. Thank you for your great photo.