hi i am new to the forum. so thanks to all the people who make this place possible. i hope im posting in the right place. im here cause i have some questions about court ordered drug testing. due to child custody. my ex knows i smoke. no where near my kids not on the weekends i have them. i keep it in a barn on some property i own miles away from my house. i am a recreational smoker. just a few times a month. .so i dont think i have a high thc build up

my ex smoked with me multiple times. she asked me to quit once. and i did for a few months. she told me i was a prick and that i needed to start again. we were having problems at that point.
and i thought she might be trying to set me up. so she agreed to admit on a tape recorder that she smoked with me before and encouraged me to start back smoking cause i was a prick. so i have this cd if i need to use it in court

now she uses the knowledge that i smoke to jerk my chain and make little threats. she never brought it up in the divorce proceedings though. and i dont think she would want to give up her free weekends of getting legally smashed. but tonight she said to expect a call from her lawyer. so i am quitting smoking all together for now

ive spoke to my lawyers due to previous threats. they both told me i could be pulled back in to court and would have to take a drug test if she wanted to. my question is do you have to take a test that day of court at the court house. or do they schedule you a appointment at a lab. im sure i would at least have a week i dont think they drag you in off the streets they gotta give you some notice so i would think at the minimum i would have one or two weeks before the test.

so what type of test do most courts use. hair urine, saliva blood etc. im in oklahoma to be exact. how long of a time frame do i have before i would have to go to court. and what is the be all end all products/method for passing drug test. im looking at the pissinator and regular detox products for hair urine etc. recommendations or links please. money is no object just the best to get clean quick. i mean if i have to go in next tuesday and its a piss test then i have to use a pissinator/whizzinator type device. if i got three weeks the with exercise and water and detox products i can maybe do it on my own.

i make a good living. i could fight her in court all day long until i broke her. and worse case i was told would be supervised visitation until i passed the test. i have a totally clean record never arrested. i havent had a ticket in 10 years. (knock on wood) sorry for the novel. im just nervous about this, and want to have plenty of the top detox products on hand. and to know what lies in store. ive done a bit of research but im afraid i dont have the time. im making a order and having stuff overnighted tomorrow or the next day. thanks to all who gave up their time reading this i need help asap.