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Thread: Cannabutter

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    My friend made some and gave me some. I stored it in the freezer. I can't have any of that shit in my system for an other 3-4 weeks. I can't wait to try that, whoa, it's gonna be trippy! He said to do an omlet and just pop it in there while it's cooking. I might just cook one for me and and other one for my friend and tell him only after once we started to get buzzed. Hehe. I'm mean, but not cruel, at least I'll tell him he is stoned insted of him thinking he is getting sick or something. =D

    Any one else try cannabutter?

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    Hahah thats so mean of you, but id do it too :D... Yeah, the cannabutter is pretty good, they sell it at the clubs along w/ the cannabis peanut butter, i like making toasted peanut butter sandwhiches using only those two items (and bread of course). Gets you REALLY FUCKED UP.
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