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Making Cannabutter - should I use water?

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So I have read a lot of recipes for making cannabutter and I am really confused not sure if i should use water. I want to cook the butter somewhat quickly, and dont want to spend 2+ hours waiting for the butter to cook. Do people make cannabutter with water so there able to add more trim/buds to it?

If im using about 1/4 OZ mid grade buds and a grams of hash for 1 stick of butter how should I cook it??

Would it be stronger if i cooked it in with water? Would that take 3+ hours??

What is the main difference between using water to make cannabutter?
Re: Making Cannabutter...should I use water?

I've made cannabutters with and without water. I prefer to add some water to render my cannabutter. When using oil alone, the cannabis cooks crispy, making the product more difficult the strain. Buy adding some water to the cooking cannabis, the cannabis material softens, making it easier to strain. Thus, you get more CBD and THC out of the final product making it more potent. Also, more of the chlorophyll drains into the water, making the final product less pungent tasting for me.

There are many recipes and methods of rendering cannabutter on the forum and different products to render it with. I use an inexpensive $9 slow cooker for my recipe. My recipe might not be the right recipe for you because I do like to cook mine several hours.

I'll post a detailed recipe with pics next month when I have more harvested, cured material to work with.


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Re: Making Cannabutter...should I use water?

If you don't want to use water and are in a crock pot, make a giant "tea"bag from cheese cloth and tie it with cooking string melt butter in crock pot agitate t-bag every hour or so
Good luck


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Re: Making Cannabutter...should I use water?

And yes it will take you 3 plus hours to make it , even MB2 is over 3 but a 1/4 won't get you to the min mark
I didn't read whole post
But really isn't a fast way to make butter IMO if you want them to be good
I find its easier to get all the butter out of the leave when using water. Using water will help keep the butter from heating unevenly and it allows the butter to harden up without it getting stuck to the sides of the pan. But can also try other methods.


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Great question sukuhdi. And welcome to :420: :welcome:

When I cook with bud I want zero waste. So I powder the bud in a pestle and cook individual portions in butter in a muffin tray. It works really, really fast and there is no loss since I consume the works. I decarb the powder first for 15 min at 120, then let it sizzle in a tablespoon of butter for 10 minutes at 350, then put in a couple of tablespoons of peanut butter and cook for another 20 at 300. I have been able to produce very, very fast acting and long lasting potent edibles from as little as half a gram per portion.

Now I mostly cook with trimmings so I have to use water. It also works well, just a little slower and messier.

Have a canna-tastic day! :thumb: