Why Should I Grow Using Hydroponics?


Increased plant growth rates and yields with improved aromatics, potency and taste.

Requires close monitoring of ph and ppm levels and total reliance on constant electricity.

Author: MisterIto


  1. If soil in all areas was of a consistently high quality and if all who wished to grow plants had the soil and space to do so, perhaps hydroponics would be no more than a curious experiment. Soil varies greatly in consistency and quality and requires considerable labour to keep it in good condition, and as many now live in cities and suburbs, in small units and flats lacking gardening space, hydroponics is the best and indeed the only logical alternative.
    Raising plants hydroponically in pots or containers, or in units tailored to fit whatever size and shape of space you have available, is both easy and cost effective.http://goo.gl/YjJ9b