CA: New Hemp Store In La Jolla Sells Medicinal CBD, Not Pot

Photo Credit: Nina Mehlhaf

It’s not the kind of store you’d expect to find in the middle of upscale La Jolla.  In fact, it’s not *that kind* of store at all.  Even though “PURE Spectrum” sells “hemp products,” it’s not to be confused with marijuana.

“About 96 percent of American’s do not understand the difference between marijuana and hemp,” said Brady Bell, CEO of PURE Spectrum CBD. “Hemp has a very low THC content and doesn’t get you high.  The Hemp plant is used for 25 thousand different products, including medical uses.”

PURE Spectrum is hoping people catch on.  They just opened a boutique style shop in downtown La Jolla that sells all kinds of CBD/Hemp products.

“CBD is an ingredient in the hemp plant that’s used like medicine. I’ve seen former NFL players and military veterans who tossed out all the medicines in their cabinets and replaced it with CBD,” Bell said.

The biggest issue here is understanding the difference.

“Ninety-six percent of American’s think they are the same, they are not,” Bell said.

While cannabis is still illegal at the federal level, hemp is not.  It was legalized when they approved the 2014 farm bill.  States had to apply to grow hemp and a half dozens of states are now doing so, including Colorado.

The benefits are not only seen with humans, but pets can apparently benefit as well.  “My 13-year-old chihuahua was fading fast, then we tried giving him C.B.D.  Within days, he was bouncing around the house,” said Denise Mahaffery.

Some people also use CBD for their kids.

“My daugher is going through growing pains and we replaced aspirin with C.B.D. and she’s doing great,” Bell said.

The toughest part is convincing people this is different from marijuana.  It’s in the same family, but you don’t get high. That’s apparently a tough distinction to comprehend.