First Hemp-Based CBD Business In Arkansas Since Industrial Hemp Act Passed Launches

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

The first hemp-based CBD business in Arkansas, since the Arkansas Industrial Hemp Act was passed last year, launched this month.

Complete Body Daily is a company founded by Arkansans for Arkansans. Matthew Kane, along with his mother and another partner started researching CBDs in Colorado. Kane has lived in CO for the past four years, but is ready to come back to his home state and grow their new business.

The company sells CBD products promoting health and wellness, but also as an alternative to pain killers.

“It has great anti-inflammatory benefits, so pain relief, anxiety, sleep aid, there’s a lot of studies that show benefits for neurotropic protectants in the brain,” said Kane.

Lip balms, oil drops, and anti-inflammatory pain relief cream are just some of the products they’ve created. Kane says they’ve worked with doctors and experts to develop their products. Every batch of CBD oil is tested before they use it in their products to ensure all THC compounds are extracted according to the owners. Kane also shared his latest lab test results with KATV that showed THC was “none detected”.

“We started researching CBDs because…I’ve been using them for the past couple of years for various sports injuries,” said Kane. “Mom is an avid runner…I got her on CBDs for her knee because she was looking at having to get a knee replacement and it just helped her out so much that we saw that as a way that we could create a business to help people with their health and wellness in Arkansas.”

Kane says their goal for the next five years, as the state conducts their research program for growing industrial hemp, they hope to be able to grow and extract the compounds right here at home.