Marijuana And AIDS (HIV) & AIDS Wasting


From the U.S. 1999 IOM Report, on Page 159:

“The profile of cannabinoid drug effects suggest that they are promising for treating wasting syndrome in AIDS patients. Nausea, appetite loss, pain, and anxiety are all afflictions of wasting, and all can be mitigated by marijuana. Although some medications are more effective than marijuana for these problems, they are not equally effective in all patients. A rapid-onset (that is, acting within minutes) delivery system should be developed and tested in such patients. Smoking marijuana is not recommended. The long-term harm caused by smoking marijuana makes it a poor drug delivery system, particularly for patients with chronic illnesses.”
(March, 1999) IOM

Dennis M. Israeliski, M.D., et. al, in their research study, “Marijuana use is associated with better adherence to ART among HIV-infected persons with moderate to severe nausea,” presented at the July 2004 XV International AIDS Conference, reported:

“Adherence to antiretroviral therapy (ART) is essential to successful treatment of HIV-infection….

Our data suggest that medicinal use of marijuana may facilitate, rather than impede, ART adherence for patients with nausea…”
(7/04) Israelski

A 2/12/04 article by Reuters, “Marijuana Eases HIV-Related Nerve Pain,” stated:

“For people with nerve damage that can result from HIV infection, smoking marijuana seems to relieve the pain they experience, according to the results of a small pilot study.

…In a trial, 16 HIV-infected subjects with neuropathy were given three marijuana cigarettes each day for seven days…Twelve of the 16 participants reached the [optimal] 30 percent goal in reduction of pain…”
(2/12/04) Reuters

Consumer Reports Magazine (CRM) stated, in part, in May 1997;

“Consumer Reports believes that, for patients with advanced AIDS and terminal cancer, the apparent benefits some derive from smoking marijuana outweigh any substantiated or even suspected risks.”
(May, 1997) CRM

GW Pharmaceuticals stated on its website in January 2004;

“AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) wasting syndrome was a very frequent complication of HIV infection prior to the advent of protease-inhibitor drugs, and has been associated with major weight loss and cachexia, serving to further debilitate its victims, already weakened by immune system failure and opportunistic infections.

Cannabis has been a frequently employed alternative medicine for the condition, particularly in the USA, because of its reported benefits on appetite and amelioration of other AIDS symptoms.”
01/04 GW Pharmaceuticals

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