Hemp CBD Apple Cider Hot Toddy

Photo: Magical Butter
  • 2 Cups Apple Cider
  • 2 TBSP MagicalButter Infused Tincture
  • 2-3 TSP Raw Honey
  • 30mg CBD Hemp Oil
 How To
  1. In the MagicalButter Machine, add 2 cups of apple cider along with 2 tablespoons of infused tincture.
  2. Set the machine to 190º Fahrenheit. Use the 1 Hour button and then turn the machine off after 10 minutes.
  3. Next add raw honey and CBD Hemp Oil and use the blend button to mix the ingredients together without heat.
  4. Pour into your favorite glass and enjoy this warm treat!
  5. For added flavor, add a cinnamon stick and lemon wedge.