Charlize Theron Explains How Her Mom Became Her Weed Dealer

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Charlize Theron likes to get high on her own supply ― from her mother.

The 42-year-old “Gringo” actress revealed during an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Wednesday that her mom, Gerda, recently started buying her weed. It all started because the two have trouble sleeping, Theron said. They wanted to try a strain of weed that would help, rather than their usual sleep medication.

“Last week she showed up at my house, literally drove in in her little tennis outfit, and brought me a little container and just left it on my kitchen table,” Theron said. “And she was like, ’So I got some blueberry covered chocolate ones, but if you want it faster acting you should go for the mints, ’cause those you suck and it just works faster.”

Theron said she was really happy with the results, and said the remedy “totally works, it’s amazing” and that her sleep is now “incredible.”

And while she’s willing to share sleep advice, she’s not willing to share her dealer mother.

“You can’t have her, she’s all mine,” the actress said.

Sounds like we’ll be hearing a lot more weed tips and stories throughout Theron’s press trip for her new movie, “Gringo” — which just happens to be about a pharmaceutical team heading to Mexico to mass-produce a marijuana pill.

During her Wednesday appearance on “Kimmel,” Theron also opened up about why she stopped smoking pot after a “good solid eight years on the marijuana.”

“I’m always willing to try anything,” the actress said. “And then my chemistry sort of changed one day and I found myself, like, frozen in front of my fridge for eight hours and I couldn’t speak and it wasn’t fun anymore.”

In a recent interview with E! News, Theron said she’d been a “wake and baker” for most of her life.

“I didn’t really mess around with anything until I was much older. But I really appreciated marijuana way more than alcohol or anything else,” that is, until she became “boring on it.”