Why Does Government Fear Marijuana

Photo Credit: Associated Press

The legal products tobacco and alcohol are freely sold nearly everywhere. People use tobacco and alcohol for the pleasure they provide. These products cause illness and death. Thousands die every year.

The legal product marijuana is not freely sold nearly everywhere. People use marijuana for the pleasure that it provides. This product does not cause illness or death. Its use ameliorates certain illnesses. Zero die in any year.

Yet marijuana remains federally illegal and is subjected to draconian controls statewide and locally. The reason for this antithetical treatment is fear. One of the many beneficial attitude adjustments experienced by a consumer of marijuana includes questioning and disapproval of the rules, laws and lies of the government. Government officials are terrified of anyone who questions or challenges their rule. They will therefore never allow any freedom to use marijuana.

The severe suppression of marijuana will continue and even escalate until “We the People” replace our current dictatorial regime with the representative republic upon which this nation was founded.