AG Memo Creates Uncertainty For Marijuana Law In Florida

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A crackdown could be coming in states like Florida that have legalized forms of marijuana.

On Thursday, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded the hands-off policy that allowed those states to make their own rules.

The directive puts decisions about whether to prosecute marijuana cases in the hands of federal prosecutors.

The memo also says, “Marijuana is a dangerous drug and marijuana activity is a serious crime.”

Some now wonder how that will affect Florida, where pot is medically legal.

During the last year, medical marijuana dispensaries have popped up all over our area.

Action News Jax has told you about different local government efforts to regulate them.

State Sen. Rob Bradley said Sessions’ memo will only create more confusion regarding marijuana law in the Sunshine State.

He said there’s not a 100% guarantee Florida’s medical marijuana law stays in place.

“I just can’t guarantee that will be the case as long as the federal government continues to send mixed signals like they’re doing,” Bradley said.

That said, Bradley added that Florida needs to continue moving forward with the medical marijuana system that voters approved.