CA: Authorities Seize A Tractor Load Of Marijuana Near Orosi – Literally

Photo Credit: Vikaas Shanker

A major drug bust happened in Tulare County.

Deputies seized more than a million dollars worth of marijuana plants from a home, near Orozi.

The two alleged suspects arrested inside the home were 27-year-old Isacc Zavala and 21-year-old Giovanni Sanchez.

The aroma of marijuana still lingered in the air, in fact there were even still remnants of it on the ground.

On Monday – hundreds of pounds of marijuana sat in the front yard of a house as authorities investigated an illegal grow site.

“It is common to find them in rural areas,” Ixchel Franks, corporal with the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office, said.

The house is secluded in the country, east of Orosi, with a wrought iron gate and security cameras.

The Tulare County Sheriff’s Office said they found both 27-year-old Isacc Zavala and 21-year-old Giovanni Sanchez inside the home.

“When we were there we discovered two subjects and those two subjects had rifles with them and through the process of discovering those items we continued our investigation and found that there was illegal cultivation of marijuana,” Franks said.

The assault rifles, along with a large number of magazines were just a few if what the deputies seized.

They said a total of 888 marijuana plants were eradicated, 57 pounds of processed marijuana and 629 pounds of dried marijuana plants.

Deputies said 1.5 pounds of concentrated marijuana and items related to a honey oil lab were also found.

Authorities said Zavala and Sanchez are facing multiple felony charges.