CA: City Of Davis Debates Adding Marijuana Dispensary

Photo Credit: David Downs

Ten finalists are in the running with the hopes of winning the city of Davis’ approval to open a marijuana dispensary — and only one will make the final cut.

Dispensaries will have to explain Tuesday night why they are a good fit in Davis and how they will operate a responsible pot business.

A city ordinance already states that marijuana retail shops can’t be set up near residential areas, schools or parks.

A least six applicants want to set up shop in the downtown Davis area and sell recreational and medicinal marijuana.

Davis has been polling residents since last year, getting their opinion on the budding industry.

The mayor said there’s been barely any opposition to cannabis, with the biggest concern being extra traffic the dispensaries will bring — some proposed shops expect up to 200 people a day.

Those in the cannabis industry said Davis is doing the right things by going to the people for input.

“It shows that their local government is choosing to actually listen to the people to see what they want,” said Nate Bradley, California Cannabis Industry Association policy director.

The Davis City Council is expected to choose up to four dispensaries Tuesday night. The final vote will take place May 29.

Community members are invited to weigh in on the proposed retail shops looking to sell pot.