Canada: Olds College Teams Up With Pot Producer To Offer Cannabis Courses

Photo Credit: Associated Press

This ain’t your dad’s farm.

Olds College on Tuesday announced it’s teaming up with area pot producer Sundial and pharmaceutical company Terra Life Sciences to create a new cannabis production program at the rural school.

The new class, offered through the college’s Continuing Education program, consists of four online courses followed by a two-week field study that will see students get hands-on experience at Sundial’s 31,000 sq.-ft. facility in Rocky View County.

The college is also developing a second continuing education calls, slated to be offered in the fall, focusing on the retail side of the cannabis industry.

Debbie Thompson, a vice-president and chief innovation officer at Olds College, said the school has a long track record of excellence in agriculture, so it’s only natural that it remains on the cutting edge with the booming new industry.

“Olds College has supported the horticulture industry for over 50 years, offering hands-on programming that explores the production and management of plants, management of pests, landscapes, soils and water systems,” she said.

“We are pleased to be working with our new cannabis education and research industry advisory committee, made up of representatives from industry and the college, to create new programming and research opportunities that support the cannabis sector and provide new learning opportunities for our students.”

The online courses will educate students in horticulture production, crop production and facilities, legislation and documentation around cannabis, and horticulture for cannabis production.

Sundial CEO Torsten Kuenzlen said the partnership with Olds College will benefit both the company and the community it serves.

“Sundial is committed to the development of a highly skilled cannabis production workforce in Alberta,” Kuenzlen said.

“This partnership with Olds College allows us to support our local community while preparing individuals for employment in the cannabis industry.”

Registration for the new program opened Tuesday.