CA: Why Sacramento Should Consider Allowing Marijuana Cafes And Lounges

Photo Credit: AP Photo

A Sacramento-based marijuana investor says on-site use could give Sacramento a competitive advantage.

Daniel Conway is a cannabis business investor with Truth Enterprises. He says Sacramento city leaders should work fast to fill the need for social hangouts for marijuana users to also consume the drug.

Other major California cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles have already allowed similar lounges.

In early May, city leaders approved an unprecedented emergency ordinance which allowed industry magazine High Times, to hold a festival allowing recreational sales and consumption of weed.

However, it remains illegal for businesses to allow either consumption or sales without a permit. The city’s stance was proven on unpermitted businesses when it filed a complaint in Sacramento County Court on an underground weed lounge operating in Midtown.

“People can buy cannabis but basically their only option is to take it home if they want to consume it,” Conway said.

Within the last year, the city has created a lengthy set of rules on the sprouting recreational industry. There are now rules for recreational sales, cultivation, manufacturing, and testing of the drug in city limits.

However, city leaders have yet to discuss the idea of marijuana cafes or lounges, said city councilman Jay Schenerir. He says the city is taking the matter one step at a time and will likely discuss the issue over the next six months.