NV: Reno City Officials Considering Relocation Of Marijuana Establishment

Photo Credit: Rick Holmes

Reno city officials will be discussing the possibility of relocating a medicinal marijuana establishment from Verdi to Reno.

The name of the company is Livfree Wellness, LLC and they currently have a dispensary called The Dispensary over at 100 West Plumb street which is where the old Blockbuster Video used to be.

What officials are specifically looking to discuss today is the company’s request to move their cultivation and production facility.

Right now that facility is located at 350 West Interstate 80 in Verdi, and they’re looking to potentially move it to 435 Eureka Avenue between 4th and 5th street.

Livfree Wellness was the center of controversy with city officials back in 2016 when they were looking to open first open their dispensary on Plumb Lane because state statutes require medical marijuana establishments be at least 1,000 feet from a school and at least 300 feet from a community facility.

The Plumb Lane location is across the street from a dance studio for children and adults Livfree ended up winning that battle because the dance studio’s business license had expired when Livfree applied which prompted zoning approval for the dispensary.

There are currently 8 cultivation centers and 5 production facilities, so if their requet is approved, they wouldn’t be the first in Reno, however, cultivation and production centers tend to be in industrial areas, 435 Eureka Avenue is only blocks away from downtown Reno, so that may be an issue that city officials may disagree upon.