CO: Pot Shop Lottery Winner Application Withdrawn In Palisade

Photo Credit: Brian Davies

One of the winners from the pot lottery in Palisade will not be opening up shop.

H&S, LLC, was one of the winners back in October when the town had a lottery to decide who would get the remaining pot licenses.

The applicant appeared before the Board of Trustees at their meeting Tuesday night and asked to make certain changes to it, but the board denied the requests, so the application was withdrawn.

The town said their application was rejected by the state for not meeting certain criteria, even though it was approved by the town itself.

Now, town leaders will go down their list of applicants at the time of the lottery to see who will get the license.

At the lottery last October, they selected four companies in terms of priority. H&S LLC was the first priority, so now it should go to the second priority company.