MO: Woman Accused Of Hiding Marijuana In Bible, Trying To Give It To Jail Inmate In Vernon County Jail

Photo Credit: Susan Sharon

A woman from Nevada is accused of trying to give a Vernon County jail inmate a Bible with marijuana hidden inside.

Ashley Despain is charged with Delivery Or Possession of a Controlled Substance in a Jail, a class D Felony.

Sheriff Jason Mosher says Despain walked into the Sheriff’s Office Monday evening asking to give a Bible to an inmate. Mosher says the Detention Officer inspected the Bible and located a substance believed to be marijuana hidden inside the binding. A deputy was called and Despain was arrested.

The Sheriff said they have caught people attempting to smuggle contraband and drugs into the jail before, but never in a Bible. “If you show up at the Sheriff’s Office with drugs, you shouldn’t be surprised when you get arrested” Mosher said.

Despain is now being held in the Vernon County Jail on a $5,000 bond.

Mosher said another person who drove to the sheriff’s office with Despain was also arrested on an unrelated warrant.