LA: Growing Like A Weed – The $7 Billion Business Of Marijuana

Photo Credit: KSNV

It’s here in New Orleans.

It’s a convention . . . It’s a conference.

And WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood is there because this event is really lighting up the city.

Maybe that’s because it’s full of smokers. Well, they’re people who believe in the power of marijuana.

One of the folks who’s been to one of these says it is a “must attend for anyone serious about the marijuana industry and networking. You have all the key players in one area ready to discuss business and move the industry forward. How could anyone miss this?”

It’s called MJBizConNEXT. That’s Marijuana Business Convention NEXT.

And it’s a gathering of people who are innovators. They are the innovators who want you to know they are the innovators who are disrupting the cannabis space.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood wants to know just who are these innovators who’ve come to New Orleans for a week.

They are the decision makers when it comes to the business of cannabis.

From Oregon and California, the states that have passed both medical marijuana and recreational cannabis laws.

And both of those states, Oregon and California have operating or they’ve planned medical marijuana dispensaries in their states.

And they’ve opened or are planning recreational shops.

And from New Jersey and Ohio, folks are here.

They have passed medical marijuana laws. And New Jersey and Ohio have operating or planned dispensaries just like Oregon and California.

And from Idaho, folks are here in New Orleans, too.

Idaho is one of the states with no laws for medical or recreational marijuana use.

It’s illegal in these states.

But they are the decision makers and they’re in New Orleans deciding just what they will one day decide.