Marijuana Firms Snuff Ties With ‘Permit Patty’ Company After She Threatened To Call Cops On Girl Selling Water

Photo Credit: Abagond

They are taking the high road.

At least six businesses are cutting ties with the marijuana company owned by Alison (Permit Patty) Ettel, who was caught on video threatening to call cops on an 8-year-old girl selling water.

Magnolia, a cannabis store in Oakland which has been dispensing marijuana since 2009, said in a statement that it will no longer carry Treatwell Tinctures.

“After seeing this video of their CEO, calling the police on an 8-year-old entrepreneur selling water on a hot day, we decided without hesitation that we could no longer patronize her company,” the statement read.

The company added that while Treatwell was one of their best-selling products, “integrity is always before profits.”

The Apothecarium, the Bloom Room and Green Trees Wellness, all marijuana dispensaries in California, voiced displeasure with Ettel and distanced themselves from her company. The cannabis delivery service Herb and reviews website Ganjly also took issue with the video.

Green Trees said it has not carried any Treatwell products since late last year, and will not be doing business with the Ettel’s company again because of her “bigoted behavior.”

“We want to make it abundantly clear that Green Trees does not support or condone the inexcusable behavior demonstrated by Ms. Ettel,” the company said in a statement on Facebook.

Ettel’s company vows to provide “healthier ways to medicate with cannabis,” according to TreatWell’s website. TreatWell provides products for both people and pets.

Video of Friday’s incident in San Francisco has been viewed more than 1.3 million times on Instagram. Ettel told HuffPost that she only pretended to call the police after claiming the girl and her mother were making a lot of noise.

“They were screaming about what they were selling,” she told HuffPost. “It was literally nonstop. It was every two seconds, ‘Come and buy my water.’ It was continuous and it wasn’t a soft voice, it was screaming.”

She admits the phone call was a “stupid” decision, but says she has been harassed and has received death threats. Twitter users have been calling her “Permit Patty” in wake of Friday’s incident.

“I completely regret that I handled that so poorly,” she told HuffPost. “It was completely stress-related, and I should have never confronted her. That was a mistake, a complete mistake.”