WI: Medical Marijuana Could Be Added To Marathon County Ballot

Photo Credit: Reuters

Marathon County residents may get to weigh in on legalizing medical marijuana in Wisconsin.

The county’s Health and Human Services Committee has approved a motion to add the question of whether medical marijuana should be legal or not to November’s ballot as an advisory referendum, though News 9 reports that a few board members are skeptical of the level of knowledge the general public has on the topic.

The results could be given to state lawmakers to encourage or discourage a change in state law. CBD oil, a marijuana extract used for the treatment of symptoms such as chronic seizures, has already been legalized by the state, though it is still illegal to produce in Wisconsin.

The full board will consider this proposal next month. 29 states and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana for medicinal use, while nine of those states have legalized a form of recreational use as well.