Play Cupid With Valentine’s Day Cannabis Treats

Photo Credit: G-StockStudio

Cannabis enthusiasts will tell you that this plant has long been known to enhance almost every aspect of a romantic experience, from elevating appetite, increasing arousal and amplifying sensations, to just getting you in a better mood.

In fact, according to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, regular cannabis users get busy 20 percent more often than those who don’t partake.

If you consider Valentine’s Day to be a perfect time to turn toward cannabis as a gift for a special someone, then you’re in luck! We’ve got the goods on creative ways to remind your loved one that they remain the ‘highest’ on your list.

Chocolate edibles

There is a tried and true tradition of giving chocolate to your Valentine, and for good reason. Lovers love chocolate. (Or chocolate loves lovers.) Lovers also love cannabis. The two were practically made for each other, so here are a few suggestions.

• Swifts Chocolate Truffles combine whipped crème chocolate ganache with a luscious artisan chocolate shell. Swifts understands that one of the first requirements of any chocolate gift is flavor, so the company focuses long and hard on providing a consistent delivery of deliciousness along with their quality cannabis infusion. Yum.

• Another popular edible item is Honu Chocolate Turtles. They are made of a milk chocolate dollop topped with a pretzel, luscious caramel, and a pecan. A perfectly salty, chewy, chocolaty, incredible edible.

• For those looking for a more purely chocolate and cannabis experience, you can’t go wrong with Spot dark chocolate or milk chocolate edibles. Made in Seattle, these lovelies are a reliably consistent and delicious choice for the chocolate and cannabis lover that will melt you and your loved one all over.


Cannabis enhanced lubricants such as Bond or Velvet Swing promise an enhanced sexual encounter.

• Bond calls itself a cannabis infused “sensual topical oil,” designed to deliver a “more intense and localized sensation,” which “enhances and accentuates a woman’s innate sexuality and heightens her pleasure.”

• Similarly, Velvet Swing says its product is “known to enhance sensitivity and orgasmic pleasure for women, men, and couples” and produces “more intense and longer-lasting orgasms.” One of the big differences between the two products is that they use different types of lubricating agents.


The FLOW CBD Deep Tissue and Joint Gel is a topical product designed to penetrate skin extremely fast. Fairwinds makes FLOW and says that that their formula can deliver cannabidiol, a pain-numbing compound in cannabis, into a specific area within five minutes, (compared to 40 minutes with conventional oil or water-based topicals). FLOW is made of a blend of botanical extracts and cannabis with a fast penetrating gel base.


Are you and your lover just looking to sample a few new varieties of smoke? Lots of retailers are likely to have combo packages of flower, such as the holiday bag from Premier Cannabis, a sample of which includes a pre-roll of Grape Ape along with some sample bud of Durban Poison, Commerce City Kush, and Gorilla Glue No. 4.

Another creative combo is the Honu Toke and Poke, which is a package designed for romance, including two pre-rolls and two ounces of infused personal lubricant.


As varieties of legal cannabis have boomed, one of the best ways to find out what cannabis products you really love is through trial and error. But sometimes it can be a little tricky to remember the exact qualities of the cannabis you were relishing once it wears off.

One option for remembering is to keep a tracking journal. Buy your sweetie a regular old Moleskine to keep track of the high life, or you could go the extra mile and seek out The Tasting Journal by Goldleaf Ltd.

Designed specifically to memorialize cannabis experiences, The Tasting Journal helps you track all the flavors and experiences of the strains you want to linger on and share in this attractive, well-made journal. Practical, beautiful, and sustainable, this journal is sure to be treasured for many months or even years to come.