CBD Oil Beneficial For Pain

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Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of sixty compounds found in Cannabis. Cannabinoids are found in multiple plants. However, they are most commonly linked with Cannabis. Unlike THC, CBD does not give the psychoactive effect or the euphoric high. The reason is because CBD doesn’t affect the same receptors as THC.

CBD is known to be a powerful, natural solution for various types of chronic pain.

Arthritis Pain: the European Journal of pain conducted a study among animals to see if CBD was capable of helping arthritis pain. Researchers applied a CBD contained gel to rats with arthritis for four days. The research found a notable decrease in the inflammation and signs of pain without side effects. People struggling with arthritis pain may find relief by using CBD oil or topical CBD cream.

Chronic Pain: CBD is capable of efficiently treating chronic pain. After multiple trial and error studies, researchers concluded that there has been evidence that cannabis is an effective treatment to deal with chronic pain. Various studies prove that pain and inflammation can be remarkably reduced by using CBD oil. Users of CBD do not build up tolerance with regular use and hence there is no need to constantly increase the dosage. Most pain sufferers appreciate the natural healing qualities of CBD and enjoy not feeling drugged.

Multiple Sclerosis: It is a disease that impacts the entire body through brain and nerves. One of the most common symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis is muscle spasms. These spasms can be overwhelming which often leads to constant pain for many people.  A report found that short-term use of CBD oil can reduce the spasticity levels of a spasm. The results were modest; however, people reported a reduction in symptoms. More human studies are still under process for the verification of the results.

Cancer Pain Relief: Studies among mice have shown that CBD is useful to reduce cancerous tumors, however, human studies show a different story. Research in humans show that it is useful for relieving cancer symptoms and cancer related pain. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) has revealed that CBD oil is responsible for relieving symptoms caused by chemotherapy.

A study conducted by the NCI tested CBD oil extracts sprayed in the mouth of patients. The oil was applied in all of the joints. The study found that pain could be managed better with the help of CBD oil. However, further research is still ongoing.

Chronic pain makes it very tough for the bearer to carry out normal daily routines. It is said that yoga plays a very important role in dealing with chronic pain. However, when in pain performing yoga can be difficult. With the use of CBD oil, you can relieve pain due to its anti-inflammatory properties and make yoga more comfortable and beneficial.

CBD oil can also help with sleep, which can be a major problem when suffering from pain. Deep, restful sleep is very important for chronic pain management.

CBD is very beneficial for those seeking natural pain management. As more and more people take their health and well being into their own control, society will become more accepting of the medicinal qualities of CBD and Cannabis.  It is important to use full spectrum, pure, organic, non-gmo CBD. Not all CBD is created equal. Be certain you are using a quality product.