Montel Williams Urges Passage Medical Marijuana Bill

Montel Williams Medical Marijuana Activist

Former talk show host and Baltimore native Montel Williams is urging lawmakers to legalize medical marijuana in Maryland.

The 54-year-old Williams spoke at a news conference in Annapolis on Monday with lawmakers from both parties who support the legislation.

Williams, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2000, said he has been living with neuropathic pain in his lower extremities, face and side for 10 years. He said marijuana provides the only relief he can find.

“I’ll come back to Maryland to help you administer this. I’ll help you put together the regulations that you’re going to need to put together to stop making the mistakes that other state’s have made, and I’ll help you form a system so patients can get off the battlefield and start living a life like everybody else,” Williams said, while tearing up.

The Maryland Senate passed a bill last year to allow physician-approved use of marijuana. The House didn’t pass the measure.

Delegate Dan Morhaim, D-Baltimore County, said this year’s bill will be similar to last year’s with some recommendations added by a House work group.

The proposal says marijuana would have to be prescribed by a patient’s physician and grown in a state facility under the direction of the state. It would also be dispensed through a licensed facility.

The writers of the bill said they feel confident about the bill’s chances, saying it has broad support.

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  1. Growing in a “state facility under the direction of the state” does NOT sound good to me. Sounds like alot of what could be very expensive red tape for the average citizen to me, but I’m sure it will wind up being a financial gain for the state of maryland and isn’t that what we all strive for (sarcasim)!

  2. Maryland continues to have some of the most severe marijuana laws in the country. It’s hard to justify voting for any incumbant to serve in Annapolis as many of the codgers there know little more than the propaganda they saw in ‘Reefer Madness’; I remember it being shown to me in elementary school in Baltimore in the 60’s. After session many still get together for a few stiff ones before hitting the beltway and heading home. Meanwhile, regular folk risk prosecution under felony laws for simple cultivation of just a few plants grown for their own use. I don’t care whether it’s for medicinal or recreational use, the laws as they stand place everyone at risk who choose to grow their own versus being part of the illicit marijuana trade. It is so absurd that our law makers would rather have their constituency dump cash into cartels and gangs. WE MUST EDUCATE OUR LAWMAKERS!!!