State Considering Medical Marijuana Home Delivery Service

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Medical marijuana could become much easier to get for patients in Michigan.

State regulators are considering a new rule that would allow centers that provide the drug to make home deliveries.

“It’s an hour trip for us one way,” said Cyndi Langan, Bad Axe resident.

Langan travels from Bad Axe to Bay City for her medical marijuana prescription. She takes medical marijuana to treat her chronic back pain.

She said she was given the choice of opioids or pot to ease that pain.

“I’m sorry, you can’t live on opioids. I did try it. It didn’t work. You can’t live a life,” Langan said.

She may soon be able to have medical marijuana delivered to her house. A rule proposed by the state Bureau of Medical Marihuana Regulation would allow provisioning centers to make home deliveries of marijuana to registered patients though an online ordering system.

Jason DeFrain is the manager of District House in Bay City, which provides medical marijuana to people who have registered cards. He said delivery would be a great benefit to a lot of patients.

“A lot of these qualifying conditions they leave you in a state where you can’t drive a vehicle anyway. So there are a lot of people wanting to get their hands on medical marijuana that have a hard time. And it also helps eliminate an extra cost of getting a caregiver because in order to get a prescription you have to have a license as well, whether you’re a patient or not,” DeFrain said.

Meanwhile, Langan cannot over-emphasize how helpful it would be to have medical marijuana delivered right to her doorstep.

“It would save me gas money. We’re on a fixed income. So it would save gas money. It would save me the trip two hours each time I have to go to the dispensary to get my meds,” Langan said.

A public hearing on the proposed rules is expected to happen this month and the guidelines will be put in place by the end of the year.

The home delivery rule would allow an employee of a provisioning center to deliver medical marijuana to no more than three patients in any given trip and limit the quantity delivered to daily or monthly limits.

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