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When it comes to the land of edibles, things always seem to be hit or miss and for some, maybe a little too much or maybe not quite enough. As an avid toker for years, the thought of finding a mental euphoria in a gummy seemed a little far-fetched.

I was somewhat weary at the thought of embarking on a walk down edible gummy lane as I have had less than stellar results with previous similar products.

This was something new though – something innovative, something unprecedented in this field. Promising to give all the aaaaaahs without all the blaaaaahs, I decided to jump on board the Delta-8 boat. My Cannabis Captains? The friendly and ingenious folks at Green Roads Company, creators of the Cannabis Life brand. A company who through career-risking leaps of faith, created a mission to heal through plant-based remedies.

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The introduction of Delta-8 into the cannabinoid supplement market hit with force and spiked the interests of the cannabis culture worldwide.

An isomer of Delta-9, otherwise known as THC, Delta-8 is said to be her calmer sister, providing uplifting and energetic properties while keeping you clear headed. Not to be confused with CBD, which produces no psychoactive effects, these gummies entertain their user with cerebral responses. An isolated, more stable structure than Delta-9 THC, Delta-8 has been proven to provide a better gateway to medicinal benefits than its more popular and heavy hitting predecessor.

Cannabis Life Delta-8 Gummies absorption and chemical release offer more intense and longer lasting pain relief along with a myriad of other benefits than its competitors. With a team of pharmacists lab testing each and every batch of these delicious and powerful treats, you can be certain your best medicinal interests are always kept at heart. In fact, they are so transparent that each and every lab report is readily available to the consumer on their website or, even easier, just scan the code on your box!

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As a full-time mother to both a human child and my ever-revolving door of chlorophyll girls, life can be demanding. I personally battle mental health issues and continue to navigate through the many roads of life, as many of us do, with the help of cannabis.

Finding a supplement to my daily care has always been on my agenda yet never quite in my grasp. I bake my own edibles but they have a tendency to pack too much of a punch when addressing the many needs of daily life. I have tried THC gummies that have had no effect at all, some that took hours to provide a noticeable effect, others that peaked for maybe an hour, and a select few that have couch locked me. If you need to remain energetic and focused for elongated periods of time while keeping anxiety at bay, these Delta-8 gummies are just for you.

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Cannabis Life Delta-8 gummies are an all-out fix to typically seen gummy/edible inconsistencies. They kept me alert while not feeling fuzzy and were still able to provide an overall calming sensation. They did not make me loopy by any means and I remained energetic. My head was not inundated with racing thoughts as it usually is and decision making appeared to be faster and more lucid. They provided me a total of 5-7 hours of relief from anxiety, stress and arthritis.

Peak effects were felt between 2-3 hours post consumption. I did notice more cerebral effects when taken on an empty stomach vs after a meal. I have trembly hands and within an hour, they had subsided greatly. I was able to cook, clean both fluidly and with precision, take care of the baby, and not rip the hair out of my head when he decided to use a sandcastle toy as his potty.

To a mother, these are the things that make a great day. To a father, they are the things that make nights after work less chaotic and stress-free. A father who may or may not be as much of an advocate/user of the green ganja. Perhaps, a stoner of a more minimalistic variety. Do not fret, these gummies are for cannabis enthusiasts and exploratory green followers alike.

I wanted to be sure I had multiple views on this product so along with myself, I gave a couple to my better half to test. He is not a smoker although I make him edibles and he will eat a half of one every night. For those diving in and out of this market as he has, they may have a more psychoactive effect. My intention was to get solid feedback from him as to how it made his head feel, his muscles, how his stress level felt and so on.

He was so positively affected on so many levels, all he could mutter to me was that he felt “knocked out of the park”. I proceeded to ask him to embellish, and his response was “I don’t know, I am like somewhere else, in a good way”.

Delta-8 affects each person differently and, much as with THC (Delta-9), results will vary. THC tolerance levels appear to be indicative of the extent of the affects you will receive from these gummies. Those with a higher tolerance will, in my opinion, achieve a less psychoactive and more euphoric high, while the opposite is true for those with a lower tolerance. Either way, the high is both tangible and taken in with open arms.

Available in an assortment of flavors, these Cannabis Life Delta-8 Gummies come expertly packaged and are available in 750mg 30 count offerings: each piece carrying a well-balanced 25mg dosage.

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Cannabis Life’s attention to detail does not end in the making of the product itself. The care taken in the expert packaging and transport are absolutely evident. Even in the middle of a 100-degree heat wave, they arrived at my door beautifully boxed and donned with an ice pouch to preserve the integrity of the product.

Cannabis Life’s pharmacist-formulated products uses a proprietary lab tested formula available to the consumer at market crushing prices between $24.99-29.99 per bottle – very competitive pricing in this growing market, about $5 below average for its strength and count size.

They are potent, they taste great, and they give you all the THC loving without the THC dozing. For the everyday smoker, for the midnight toker, for the person who is just having a bad day or for the person who wants to have an even better day, all it will take is one yummy, chewy, fruity Cannabis Life Delta-8 gummy.

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