Cilicon ELEV Bar1 Vaporizer Review

elev bar1 disposable vape cilicon

Finding versatility in cannabis smoking has become a world-wide pursuit and many have turned to vaping. The introduction of cannabis vaping hit markets with substantial force and as such, vape pens began mass-production. Availability was peaking yet quality and functionality were at still in premature developmental stages.

Vape pens were, and continue to be, known to leak, clog, negatively affect terpene profiles, cause metallic and/or chemical tastes, amongst other undesirables and product inconsistencies. As the industry grew, so did the demand for a better product.

Photo: Krissi Carbone

As with any new invention, further and continued Research & Development allows companies to constantly innovate and adapt.

The myriad of personalization options and cutting-edge technologies used by Cilicon to protect its consumers interests has led to a great deal of commercial success for the company.

What most people don’t know, is that Cilicon has a wide assortment of customizable vaporizing units available for small-scale sales as well.

The ELEV series alone offers 6 different models and the ELEV Bar1 is one of their newest creations. The vaporizing units I received were their snap-in to fill and inhale-activation version; these are qualities consistent with its overall ease of use and operation.

Cilicon does offer click-in to fill and push-on atomizer activation options on different models, providing a wide range of available consumer customizations.

The ELEV Bar1 in this review has a 3ml capacity in its glass cartridge. Customization for the user is offered however, as tanks are available in .5, 1, 1.5, 2 and 3ml capacities.

A 7.7W usage for my 3ml, .5-2.0 volumes sit at 9.0W while the 1-2ml type sits at 8.9W. Its 280mAh battery lasts for up to one hour of continuous use. Other batteries in the Cilicon line have a 400mAh battery.

Photo: Krissi Carbone

It’s the wealth of research the company’s scientists and engineers have put into its product designs that ultimately sets them and the ELEV Bar1 apart from other vaporizers and manufacturers.

Cilicon is a GMP certified manufacturer that is equipped with industry leading medical and food grade components. It is these innovative components in my opinion that took me from being a ‘once a year, maybe, vaper’ to an ‘I wouldn’t mind doing this every so often vaper’.

The first thing I noticed was the pen’s air flow quality which I found to be quite superb when compared to vape units I have used in the past. This I found was because of one of Cilicon’s many innovations – the DuAir Tech System.

It utilizes a microprocessor housed in the breathing-actuated channel to send signals to the pneumatic switch, controlling the on/off function of the atomizer. This particular design uses segregated channels, as opposed to a single atomizing channel, as seen in most other vape pens.

The ELEV Bar1 uses this unique function to activate the heat without directly involving it in the air flowing process. The result? A much cleaner, fresher, less burnt chemical tasting vaping experience than I have been accustomed to when using the standard generic box-shaped vape pen.

Another issue that just irked me about vaping was the ever so gross, “spit-back” which I would always seem to get no matter what vape pen or cartridge I used. I don’t know anyone who enjoys having that taste in their mouth or nasty, old, burnt oil resin stuck to their lips.

Photo: Krissi Carbone

The whales took one for the team here though in sharing some of their unique genetic design with Cilicon’s R&D team. Taken in essence, conceptually, from a whale’s baleen feeding ability, Bio-Baleen technology was born.

Utilizing bionic theory, engineers replicated a whale’s filter mechanism, used to separately channel large and small fish in this adaption of an adaptation.

Just as the whale’s baleen feeding ability allows it to filter different sized fish, the Bio-Baleen tech I experienced using the ELEV Bar1 seemed to really help better filter any cannabis oil sediments that built up over time.

Acting as a filter with its mimicked brush shape, its medical grade silicon minimizes inhaling harmful substances while reducing lingering oil residue. This particular vape pen experience continuously left my lips free from any of that less than desirable residue.

Yet another epic fail commonly seen in the cannabis vaping world is the infamous leakage. Oh, the leakage. I never understood. How can something leak so badly? 9 times out of 10, I have burnt myself with the oil oozing out of my pen being as close to the 400 degrees that an atomizer generally cranks up to.

Why couldn’t someone fix this issue? “Was it me?”, I originally thought.

Then my friends had the same issues and their friends had the same issues and then it was pandemonium – everyone was wondering why these carts or vapes consistently leak.

What did most of us resort to? Buying a new cart and/or a new vape and starting over only to have a repeat over and over again. What a waste of money.

The ELEV Bar1 has a complex design that actually prohibits this from happening – Oil-Isolation Technology. It separates the vaporizer oil inlet from the actual oil tank, completely sealing off the device. Its placement under the central atomizer tube and above the metal holder ensures insulation from the oil-air flow interaction. Relieving me finally of that pesky oil-leakage issue.

Something else I happen to like about this pen is its ladder design as opposed to the conventional pen shaped appearance. This allows it to be smaller than other vapes while still being able to hold the same capacity.

The compact design of the ELEV Bar1 lowers the chances that the pen could break or snap, as it is not as slim or long as other models. It’s 316L stainless steel central post and stainless-steel battery just add to its protective functionality.

Photo: Krissi Carbone

Elevating filling efficiency for those of us who like to play around making our own oils, these cartridges can be filled generically, with anything up to a 3mm or 14g needle.

A problem seen in this practice, is struggling to fill a cartridge without needing to use 420 alcohol wipes to clean up the mess we made attempting to fill them. Cilicon’s SpacXFill Technology was created to overcome this common vaping woe.

This technology expands the width of the oil injection space, freeing up the entire oil filling area around the tank with the exception of its central tube. I was easily able to transfer oil without making a mess and wasting product.

To finish, a simple amount of even pressure placed on the hard foam insert that came with the packaging, allowed me to easily snap the cartridge into place, seal and smoke away.

Now, do you know those thirsty moments when you want that last sip of your drink and you need to move the straw and angle the cup just right to get that very last drop? I know we have all tried to do a similar thing attempting to get the very last drops of oil smoked from the bottom of a cartridge.

Up until this vaping experience I have absolutely never been able to get to those very last licks of the cannabis Tootsie Pop. In all the times I may have gotten close, the remaining oil was so dark and burnt and chemical tasting, I’d refuse to smoke it anyway as it hurt my chest.

The ingenuity in creating a V-shaped tank eliminates those end of cartridge moments where you can’t quite or don’t even want to try sucking up that last bit of juice. This common vape industry issue was seemingly solved by Cilicon in the ELEV Bar1. The design of the tank ensures the remaining oil can slide alongside the gradient curve, never failing to enter the oil inlets with ease.

Photo: Krissi Carbobe

Not that I will say using the ELEV Bar1 is tastefully equal to that of smoking our beloved flower, but its Formatrix ceramic technologies help very substantially with flavor retention.

The absolute newest, state-of-the-art ceramic atomizing technology used in the Cilicon ELEV Bar 1 has an upgraded ceramic, improving its overall atomizing performance. A well formulated scientific ratio is behind this super vape technology, bringing us closer to the feeling and aromas of smoking an actual cannabis nugget.

The ELEV Bar1 and its excellent atomizing process facilitation, creates a much more vivacious, crisp and smooth vaping experience than I have been used to.

Photo: Krissi Carbone

As its name suggests, Cilicon’s ELEV Bar1 has a keen ability to elevate your cannabis vaping experience. In times where I may be unable to smoke my precious cannabis flower, I’d be 420% content puffing on this pen instead.

420 Magazine Product Review by: Krissi Carbone
For more information: Cilicon