Mars Hydro FC4800 LED Grow Light Review​

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The Mars Hydro FC4800 is the black diamond in a land full of diamonds. An LED light experience that captivates.

Imagine full, absolute and even canopy coverage, unbeatable penetrating light distribution, costing below the market average and with fast shipping and noteworthy customer service. The FC4800 uses Samsung Osram Diodes and a Moso Driver – both pioneers and leading suppliers in the LED grow light world – paired with an industry leading heat dissipating sink.

It’s no surprise that Mars Hydro is growing faster than the industry average. They have yet again knocked it out of the park with the engineering of their FC4800.

Image: Mars Hydro​

A 480 true Watt LED light, the FC4800 is captivating in the grow room. Its full spectrum of Samsung Warm White, IR, Blue UV, and OSRAM red lights, allows it to have PPFD mapping that comes second to none in its class. PPFD describes the direction and intensity of light leaving a fixture; it allows designers to plan the spacing of fixtures in a grow environment so that they can understand how the light can impact the evenness of light distribution in the grow area.

There has not been a spot in my 4 x 4 x 8 tent that this light could not or did not reach. Running up to five photoperiods at one time, each and every grow, I am astounded at its ability to completely engulf all of my plants in the “perfect sunlight” it creates.

Image: Mars Hydro​

With a breakdown like this, I’d hope you wouldn’t think you’d be getting any less than the best:

  • 2070 pc Samsung LM301
  • Osram 660nm diodes,
  • PPE of 2.8 mol
  • PAR of 1372 umols
  • Light Spectrum of 380-410nm, 650-665nm, 730-740nm, 2800-3000k, 4800-5000k

Ok braniacs you’ve got this, but what about the rest of us?

PPE – Photosynthetic Photon Efficiency.
The PAR Photon output of a light source divided by the input power to produce that light.
PAR measures a spectral range including how many photons fall on the plant within 1 second of lighting.
Diode – A semiconductor device that allows flow in one direction while restricting in the opposite – essentially a one-way switch for electrical current.
nm – Nanometer.
mol – Base unit of the amount of a substance.
umol – One millionth of a mol.

Image: Mars Hydro​

Long story short, Mars Hydro’s FC4800 perfect construction provides a lighting experience which makes those without it jealous and creates sheer adoration amongst those who use it.

Bringing an end to the common grow light woe of rising electric costs, LED lights were made to change the way grows affected our pockets. The Mars Hydro FC4800 is no exception.

Running 2 tents with two lights, two inline systems, a dehumidifier, a humidifier, 5 total fans, and a standing AC unit during the summer, I only see a $170/month increase in my electricity bill. All things considered, you would think a 480W light would have more of a financial impact, yet we don’t see that here.

It is the superior combination of units used in the FC4800 that make up this remarkable light and ensure its ability to both last and produce.

Purchasing comes with a 5-year warranty and one that is in the hands of an unbelievably helpful and cooperative sales team. In the rare case of any type of flaw or inadequacy, Mars Hydro rectifies the situation and immediately sends out a replacement or the necessary parts.

This level of customer care and trust has built a deserved reputation for the company since their launch in 2009.

The FC4800, along with the rest of the Mars product line, is tested worldwide by growers and scientists alike. Tent and greenhouse growers along with university technicians have all contributed to the continued success of the brand, especially this particular series and model.

Flowering under the Mars Hydro FC4800 Photo: Krissi Carbone​

The FC4800’s ability to adapt allows it to house a multitude of strains at one time. It has provided me with the opportunity to run a plant as tall as my 57.5 inch Gorilla Glue x Super Lemon Haze, and as short as my 38 inch NYC Diesel to grow equally and beautifully together, bunched in with three other filled-in ladies.

Foldable and adjustable, I am easily able to house, equally cover and distribute light to a plentiful assortment of plants. Continuously running a mix of 5 or more strains, I need adaptation ability – as do most of my fellow grow-mates. This light makes multiple strain growing a breeze. And heck, for whatever reason you may need to stow away your light for a bit, its collapsible design makes storing both quick and efficient.

The blue spectrum lighting is just something beyond phenomenal for vegetative growth. I have had nothing short of a green garden of Eden sitting underneath the FC4800 sun. Without sunlight, our plants could not photosynthesize as they would not have energy to do so. It is quite difficult to replicate the strength of our sun, however I find that my girls wouldn’t know the difference between the two.

I have had many compliments on the health and size of my plants during the vegetative stage and my first response is always that I am thankful for the light that covers them.

Come flowering whenever I receive a compliment, you can guess what I usually say is responsible. There is just no better comfort in knowing that your green gods and godesses are in the hands of one of the best LED grow lights on the market.

Colas under the Mars Hydro FC4800 Photo: Krissi Carbone​

At harvest, I give plenty of credit where credit is so overwhelmingly due, to the team at Mars Hydro, for allowing me to showcase the FC4800. Their promise of helping you to deliver higher quality nugs is nothing short of an understatement.

Acapulco Gold photoperiod nug Photo: Krissi Carbone​

Trichome rich from all of that time under this dominating light, my smoke is always so fulfilling. This gives confidence to the weary grower and is a catalyst for an exceptional grow run.

Nugs, various strains Photo: Krissi Carbone​

No matter what your cannabis cultivation expertise, this is the light solution that will spin heads. My tent is paired with the Mars Hydro temperature/humidity controlled 6-inch inline system and I just couldn’t be happier with my set-up.

I see a comfortable increase of only 5 degrees when lights are on in the tent and it is so quiet in my grow room.

In the home, the last thing we want to hear when we are trying to watch the game, a movie or read a book, is the drowning sound of a light and fan system. Similarly, outside in a greenhouse, the last thing you may want to do is draw attention to your garden with what could sound like a swarm of a million bees heading their way.

There’s not a word in my vocabulary that truly encompasses the overall captivation and love that I have for this light. The thought of getting a bigger tent seems to flutter passed me relatively quickly as the thought of me needing a light other than the FC4800 is a concept that I am nowhere near ready to wrap my head around.

One head-turner run with this light and you’ll understand why I can never let it go.

Plants under the Mars Hydro FC4800 Photo: Krissi Carbone​

For value, for ingenuity, for craftsmanship and engineering, Mars Hydro have gone above and beyond the standard call of LED duty. The creation and development of this light is just what the grow world needed to set the bar higher for future grows to come.

I had always imagined what my dream grow would be like; I never anticipated having grow runs in succession with one another. What I have been able to accomplish with this light is just one of thousands of stories of an FC4800 grow.

Plants in full flower under the Mars Hydro FC4800 Photo: Krissi Carbone

If you are in the market for a 4×4 light and want to eliminate the need for deliberation, just make the choice easy on yourself and place an order. Miraculous greenery is right at your fingertips. Don’t let this Mars Hydro masterpiece pass you by!

420 Magazine Product Review by: Krissi Carbone
For More Information: Mars Hydro FC4800