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There are many times when we need or want to have an accurate assessment of the THC and/or CBD levels of our product. It would be nice to be able to confirm that we are producing the best product possible and to be able to compare the quality of our home grown product directly to the advertised THC/CBD levels of Dispensary meds.

Before now, to get a test of this type required finding a lab that could do the test while protecting your anonymity. This required sending them large test samples, the testing is usually prohibitively expensive and shipping of the samples can be problematic.

If you had access to a lab and were willing and able to send off multiple samples for testing, here are some common questions that could be answered. Of course, this sort of extensive testing would require a large outlay of cash, product and time to eventually get your answers.

  • Are your clones diminishing in THC levels as you work through several generations? Send in a new sample with each harvest to track the falling THC levels.
  • Which of the several varieties that you last grew are the best for your needs? Which had the highest CBD, vs THC? Send in samples of all of your plants for two tests, and be ready to surrender a large amount of money to the lab for their work.
  • When is the best time to harvest your favorite strain? Does the THC peak when the trichomes are cloudy or amber, and how much amber is best for your needs? You could send in several samples and wait weeks for the results. This would not get you instant answers as to when to harvest, but maybe next time you will know.

Know your cannabis! Plantchek is here to give you the answers that you need. With Plantchek you can have your results immediately, and at a fraction of the cost of sending your samples to a lab.

Founded in 2005, Plantchek’s parent company, Compassionate Analytics, is the vision of Josh Eades PhD and Philippe Lucas PhD, two Canadian academics focused on developing state-of-the-art scientific products and analytical services.

As Plantcheck co-founder Dr. Lucas says:
“We believe that knowledge is power. Whether it’s cultivators trying to determine peak harvest times or working to assess the CBD content of new varietals, patients wanting to know the mgs per mL of THC or CBD in their stove-top oil, or cannabis aficionados wanting bragging rights for producing the most potent products, Plantchek is here to help you get to Know Your Cannabis.”

Plantchek comes in two versions: one kit is for testing THC and the other for testing CBD. They are sold in kits of 3 tests each, for $47.95, making the cost of each individual test only $15.98. For the first time it is economically feasible for the home grower to be able to run the multiple tests needed to answer all of the questions proposed above, and many more.

THC test kit. Photo: Emilya Green
CBD test kit. Photo: Emilya Green

In addition to testing your buds, Plantchek can also be used to test edibles and concentrates. Now you can be sure that your homemade edibles are at the potency you need and you can know just how powerful your concentrates end up.

Sample size. Photo: Emilya Green
First stage THC test. Photo: Emilya Green

Plantchek is a “Quick Test” so by definition it is not guaranteed to be as accurate as a full lab test, but the results from this quick test do appear to be very close to the results of much more expensive tests. Some of the accuracy depends on your precision in measuring the sample size (a .01 gram scale is required) and some accuracy depends on your ability to time the various stages correctly. After running several tests and comparing the results to breeder predictions of the THC level of those varieties, I have noted that this home quick test appears to be very accurate.

The final number is determined by a color chart, so of course the readings you get are partially subjective in nature and dependent on your ability to judge color variations. Trust the indicator solutions and the test strips and realize that even in expensive laboratory tests, litmus paper and indicator solutions are used all the time. The use of them here does not necessarily make this home quick test any less accurate than many lab tests.

THC instructions and color chart. Photo: Emilya Green
CBD instructions and color chart. Photo: Emilya Green

Plantchek’s co-founder Philippe Lucas, PHD, has more than 20 years of experience advocating for safe, legal access to cannabis for patients and consumers. He recognized the need for this home test because he is a grower just like us, with needs exactly the same as ours. These tests were developed with the home grower in mind, to fulfil our need for an accurate and economical test that can be done at home.

At $15.98 per test, there is no longer any excuse not to know the THC/CBD level of any strain you are growing regularly.

420 Magazine Product Review by: Emilya Green
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