The High Five DUO Electric Dab Rig Review


About a month ago, our sponsor King’s Pipe sent me a High Five Duo portable electric dab rig (E-rig) to test. I was pretty anxious for this product review since I frequently make RSO and, of all the pipes, bowls, bongs, and other creative cannabis ingestion utensils I’ve owned and reviewed over the years, I’ve never had the opportunity to even use a dab rig. What I discovered was, the more I tested the High Five Duo, the less I was able to put coherent sentences together to write the review, but more on that later.

As mentioned, the High Five Duo is an electric dab rig specifically made for concentrates. This is one sleek looking unit that comes in a very nice kit which includes the dab rig itself along with both quartz and titanium bowls, a magnetic carb cap, dab tool, USB charging cable, hex key, user manual, and a very nice travel/storage bag that’s ideal for portability.

First, I want to comment on the included User’s Guide. Many products I’ve seen only come with brief instructions, sometimes not even in English, and sometimes no instructions, at all. Well, the High Five Duo includes a 37 page manual, all in easily understandable English, and all in a typeset that’s easy to read. I do recommend reading the instructions before use since there are a lot of built-in functions.

The High Five Duo is approximately 7″ high by about 4″ wide and about 2″ thick. Of the 7″ in height, 5″ consists of a removable Borosilicate mouthpiece/percolator that can be filled with water to help cool & filter the hit.

On the side of the unit there is a small display screen and three buttons including a square button that turns the unit on and allows the user to scroll through the menu settings, and up & down arrows that allow the user to scroll through and change the individual options. The down button, when pressed for three seconds, will also turn the unit off. All user settings are saved in memory and recalled for the next session.

The user adjustable menu settings include the temperature which may be set anywhere between 350-600 F (180-320 C) in 10 degree increments. When the unit is first turned on, the temperature setting is automatically displayed and can be easily changed by using the up/down buttons.

There are also two sets of LED lights – one at the bottom of the base of the unit and another near the top that lights up the mouthpiece. The user can set which lights are on/off, select the light intensity, and choose between nine different light colors (including white) or set them to change colors in either “fast” or “slow” modes.

The High Five Duo has a unique design that’s very different than traditional dab rigs. It has a 16mm diameter “insert chamber” that is significantly larger than most other similar products on the market and allows for bigger dabs and longer sessions. Rather than a coil, the Duo has a nail-type metal plate atomizer that heats more evenly which allows the user to set a lower temperature to achieve maximum flavor and potency while minimizing any potential waste from product not being fully vaporized.

The atomizer is covered by a silicon covered magnetic plate that holds firmly and is easily removable to insert or change bowls. The included carb cap is also magnetic and has a design on one side. When the design is facing the rig, the carb cap will attach itself to the magnetic plate. When the design is turned away from the rig, it will sit nicely covering the bowl/chamber.

So, to test the High Five Duo, I made a nice batch of CCO/RSO (Concentrated Cannabis Oil, aka “Rick Simpson Oil”), removed the mouthpiece, filled it with some water, replaced it on the unit and turned the unit on. I was pleasantly surprised to see the default temperature setting immediately display at 420* F. Along with the temperature setting, a battery charge indicator is also displayed.

I added a dab of the RSO to the quartz bowl and pressed & held the function button for a second until I heard and felt the unit buzz (called “Haptic Feedback”) to signify it was warming to temperature. It buzzed again a few seconds later to let me know it had reached the set temperature and when I took that first inhale, I thought my head would implode trying to get a hit.

This was because I had not correctly aligned the mouthpiece when I put it back on the base after filling. I did say I recommend reading the manual, right?

So, I re-aligned the mouthpiece and gave it another shot. This time, I got a nice, easy draw, but not much of a hit. After playing for a minute, I found the “sweet spot” for RSO to be at 480* and, oooooooohhhh boy, this was a whole new experience and definitely not for “lightweights”!

After the set session time, the unit vibrated again to signify the end of the session. Another session can be started immediately and, after some time of non-use, the screen will “hibernate” and can be “woken” by pressing any button. Holding the down button for a few seconds turns the unit off.

As I said, I’ve never used a dab rig before but I do frequently make RSO, mostly for medicine, though I also use it to make vape juice and will occasionally put a dab on top of a bowl to smoke. Well, there’s something to be said about having the right tool for the job and the High Five Duo took the RSO experience to a whole new level. Each hit was powerful, flavorful, and satisfying.

In addition to a great dabbing experience, I really like the High Five Duo for the portability, ease of cleaning, and a three year warranty on the base. In addition to the ability to personally customize your dab sessions, if you currently have a dab rig that requires you to heat the atomizer with a torch, you’ll really love being able to set an exact temperature and get there in a couple of seconds with the press of a button and no butane or flame.

In short, I highly recommend the High Five Duo to anyone in the market for a dab rig. You won’t be disappointed!

Review By: Mr. Krip
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