The PerfectPipe Review


Smoking pipes have been in use since approximately 600 BC and, as near as I can tell, have gone largely unchanged since then. So when I was asked to review the PerfectPipe by R&D Innovations, I was a little skeptical. And, when I was told it was important to read and follow the instructions, I was even more skeptical.

After all, a pipe is basically just a tube connected to some chamber that holds the material being combusted, and I’ve been smoking cannabis out of pipes for over 35 years; so what could be so special about the PerfectPipe, and why would I need instructions to use a pipe?

The answer is that the PerfectPipe is scientifically engineered specifically for smoking cannabis and, while it does have similar features to traditional pipes, it is uniquely designed to be much healthier, cleaner, and more efficient than a traditional pipe or bowl. The PerfectPipe is guaranteed to outperform any other smoking device which is a pretty big claim considering all the smoking devices on the market.

The PerfectPipe is made in the USA and is machined to specific standards to ensure perfection. It is a 4″ long glass tube of approximately 3/8″ diameter with flanged ends. One end is a chamber with a small screen where the cannabis gets packed and the other end holds a special microfiber filter.

There’s really nothing complicated or special-looking about the pipe itself but, when combined with the proper smoking technique, this little pipe really delivers a powerful punch.

The chamber itself is noticeably small, only holding the equivalent of approximately one or two bong hits of ground buds. However, you’ll find this little amount of material will last for 4-6, or more, full tokes, and you’ll end up using a lot less medicine to get the same effect.

The key factor to getting the best experience from the PerfectPipe is the use of very little heat to vaporize the cannabinoids. The microfiber filter allows THC, CBD and other cannabinoids to pass through while trapping any sparks, ash, and other contaminants.

The result is a much better taste, none of the “harshness” that makes one cough after taking a hit, and a much more efficient use of the medicine. 

As far as using little heat, unlike with a pipe or bong where you hold the lighter over the bowl and suck in the smoke along with the butane fumes, the PerfectPipe is lit more like a cigar, using a couple of gentle puffs without inhaling, just to get it lit, then you remove the flame. 

Once lit, a slow deliberate draw delivers a great, smooth hit with very high THC & CBD delivery due to the lower combustion temperatures.

The best way I’ve found to pack the PerfectPipe is to insert it vertically into a small container of ground buds with a pushing and twisting motion, very much the same as packing one of those old “Dugouts”. You do want to pack the bowl tightly which will help ensure a nice, slow burn at those low temperatures; and there is a small replaceable screen in the chamber end.

A fresh filter should be used with each bowl to ensure maximum cannabinoid delivery. 

At first, this was a bit of a concern as I could see the costs adding up in replacement filters; but, at about $0.02, or $20 for every 1,000 pipe fulls, it’s really nothing considering the significant savings achieved by needing less meds to get the same psychoactive effects. I can honestly say that not only do you use less meds with the PerfectPipe, but it is also much easier on the lungs than any of my other pipes, bowls, or bongs; and I’m sure that’s largely due to the effectiveness of the microfiber filter.

The PerfectPipe is available in 1, 2, 4, and 10 pipe kits. The pipes are made from a highly durable, laboratory grade borosilicate glass and have removable rubber end caps that help prevent the pipe from rolling off a table or breaking if dropped. Each kit includes a cleaning tube, cleaning brush, replacement filters and screens, and a tool to remove used filters from the pipe. While very durable, the Perfect Pipe is made of glass and it can break. Replacement pipes, filters, screens, and other accessories are available at low cost from their website.

The cleaning tube is a great addition that is included in all the kits. When the PerfectPipe needs cleaning, just put it in the cleaning tube, fill the tube with rubbing alcohol to above the level of the pipe, and let it soak for 2-24 hours before rinsing. The multi-pipe kits ensure you’ll always have a pipe availabale to use, even if one is being cleaned at the time.

The PerfectPipe is an ideal cross between a pipe and a vaporizer. It delivers the substantial hit of a pipe or bong, something I’ve always found lacking in dry herb vapes; and it has the cleaner, healthier, better tasting, and easier-on-the-lungs characteristics you’d expect with a vaporizer.

If your current preferred method of smoking cannabis is with a bowl, bong or joint, I highly recommend you try the PerfectPipe. You will use less meds to get the same effects, it will taste much better, be much healthier, and greatly reduce, if not entirely eliminate, any post-hit coughing and hacking. 

The PerfectPipe really may be the perfect pipe!

420 Magazine Review by: Mr. Krip
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