Weed Seeds Express Review


With so many gimmicks, false advertising, broken promises and a myriad of choices, just how do we decide which seed bank to invest our hard-earned money in?

As cannabis growers and enthusiasts alike, we search for a multitude of qualities when choosing where to purchase our seeds. We look for factors such as strain selection and product quality along with a great customer service team that offers discreet and expedient shipping. For this and so much more, Weed Seeds Express is a one stop shop for all of your cannabis cultivation needs.

WSE was established in 2005 by three friends who just really loved cannabis. Their original intent was to source quality genetics while creating new strains. Currently centralized in the epicenter of the marijuana world in Haarlem, Amsterdam, WSE promises, “Fast delivery of cannabis seeds straight to your door”.

Their focus on delivering high grade and affordable seeds is backed by hundreds of raving reviews from cultivars worldwide. With a selection of nearly 100 strains, they offer feminized, autoflower, regular and CBD strains along with a collection of high THC strains, all geared for cultivation skills at any level.

Weed Seeds Express boasts a 91.6% germination rate backed with a promise to replace seeds that did not germinate, which allows for peace of mind from the consumer. In addition, the seeds carry with them a discreet delivery guarantee in the event an issue does arise, WSE will back you 100%. With average seed costs between $75-$130 USD, they fall right in line with the majority of other banks averaging $79-$141 USD per 5/10 pack of their high-quality seeds. Promotions are regularly available, and each order comes with free seeds.

While providing the customer with basic grow information including but not limited to yield, height, THC/CBD percentages and flowering time, WSE also gives us the genetic lineage of its strains, indicating where the seeds originated and how they were crossed. To me, this is a true indication of a trustworthy breeder.

I have grown multiple strains with WSE genetics: Acapulco Gold, NYC Diesel and Sirius Black photoperiods along with Big Jack Widow and Gelato autoflowers. All seeds germinated within 36 hours and sprouted within 28 and had undeniable success throughout their development. From veg to flower all seeds delivered as promised and their smoke speaks louder than any words I could ever type.

In one of my last grows I showcased their Sirius Black photoperiod – an Indica whom I kindly named, Onyx. She was a remarkable specimen from start to finish, low maintenance on her in a 4 x 4 tented environment, fed with Prescription Blend Nutrients and housed with a Mars Hydro FC4800, she never failed to impress.

Sirus Black week 3 flower
Sirus Black week 3 flower Photo: Krissi Carbone
Sirus Black week 2 flower
Sirus Black week 2 flower Photo: Krissi Carbone​

Her amazing foliage colors came through as noted by the breeder, during her last few weeks. She was caked with trichomes from just about week 2 of flower and her terpene profile was absolutely off the charts.

Sirus Black 56 days
Sirus Black 56 days Photo: Krissi Carbone
Sirus Black 56 days
Sirus Black 56 days Photo: Krissi Carbone
Sirus Black
Sirus Black Photo: Krissi Carbone
Sirus Black
Sirus Black Photo: Krissi Carbone
Sirus Black day 70
Sirus Black day 70 Photo: Krissi Carbone

This was a WSE strain that delivered and kept on delivering, her smoke is unbelievably smooth with a rich berry and fruit aroma. Juicy flavors linger with every toke and she has fantastic medicinal qualities in relieving anxiety, depression, arthritis and insomnia.

Droughted Sirus Black
Droughted, Sirus Black: Krissi Carbone
Nug Sirus Black
Nug, Sirus Black Photo: Krissi Carbone
Nug Sirus Black
Cured Sirus Black nug Photo: Krissi Carbone

When asking yourself, “Does the bank I choose really make a difference?”, the answer is an outstanding yes!

There is no one better suited to take care of your cannabis seed needs than Weed Seeds Express. For reliability, quality, reputation, consistency, privacy and amazing customer service, I urge you to take some time, browse through their ever-expansive catalogue and get ready for some unprecedented growing.

420 Magazine Product Review by: Krissi Carbone
For More Information: Weed Seeds Express