Cannabis Sativa Volume 3 Review


Cannabis Sativa
The Essential Guide to the World’s Finest Marijuana Strains

When I first got the book I noticed that the picture on the front wasn’t a typical, dense, resin encrusted flower. No, it featured a mildly reinous, loose flower that I have come to associate with the best marijuana in the world! I’m talking about the classic, landrace, pure Sativas! And it’s just my luck to be able to review this lovely picture book.

I’ve personally grown several of the strains featured in the book, some better than others. Upon first opening the book I flipped through alphabetized strain reviews until I got to my nemesis, Colombian Gold:

“Colombian growers better have a truckload of patience and more than a little skill…This is the pot that made the ’60’s and ’70’s so special.

Yes! This author gets it. He understands the big picture. He not only sympathizes with those of us who grow 14 week strains, he’s one of us. He knows exactly how special these rare Sativa’s are and this intimate knowledge and appreciation comes out on every page.

The layout of the book includes an entertaining introduction by The Rev, a famous and well respected organic soil grower and author of the book (which I reviewed) called, “True Living Organics.” The Rev also “gets it” and his contribution to this book is full of humor and cultivation gems.

Actually, every single page has both humor and expert experience tossed with equal amounts of mouth watering photography and information regarding flowering time, yield, and typical lab potency tests. It’s a great read, and the pictures show exactly how the strain should look when finished, many with taco’d, twisted or brown leaves as is typical with a 14 week strain.

These buds, while not at all as dense as hydro-grown Indica buds, will get the attention of experienced smokers and connoisseurs of the rarest and best form of Cannabis Sativa. There is nothing quite like these crazy looking plants! They are finicky and difficult to grow, but the rewards of a successful harvest can literally be life-changing. There is nothing quite like the 5 hour high one gets from enjoying one of the many strains featured in this book. If the reader has indeed smoked Panama Red, Colombian Gold or an Equatorial Thai strain, then they know exactly what I’m talking about!

This book will inspire you to seek out these strains. It will encourage you to cultivate them, and most of all it will guide you into a better appreciation and enjoyment of what many consider to be the ultimate and best type of cannabis: Sativa!

Author: S.T. Oner, with an introduction by The Rev
Book Review by: Doc Bud
Publisher: Green Candy
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