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The Cultiuana CT-720 Photo: Krissi Carbone

Since the introduction of LED lights into the cannabis cultivation market, we as consumers, have been on an epic quest to find the absolute best bang for our buck. Throughout the years, we have seen an inundation of various models and designs moving down assembly lines like colonies of ants. This perpetual march of grow equipment has forced cultivars to assess and determine both the affordability and true quality of each and every light while determining what type of design and wattage best serves their grow space and grow needs.

Within the masses, Cultiuana emerged in 2017 as one of the top providers of horticulture lighting with a mission to provide the best performing and most reliable lights to date. Grand cultivation is now made easy and insanely energy efficient with the development of the Cultiuana CT-720.

Flowering cannabis Cultiuana
Photo: Krissi Carbone

At 720 true watts, this bar light is well balanced and ranks as one of the highest quality, affordable LED lights for indoor plant growing. Utilizing new and advanced technologies, the CT-720 has a ridiculously broad spectrum of light that is delivered optimally and evenly in both vegetation and flower.

Linking up with OSRAM and Sanan, the world’s leading light industry brands, its series chips and 660 nanometer deep red diodes create the hotel equivalent of a Presidential Suite accommodation in your grow room. My plants have never been happier or more vibrant and my yields have close to doubled since hanging this easily collapsible beast of a light above them.

sea of green Cultiuana
Photo: Krissi Carbone

Despite its power, a program of comprehensive testing has allowed this particular model to maintain optimal cooling effects; Cultiuana engineered a fanless design to keep the perfect distance between the driver and the light bars in order to reduce the total heat load. Dimmable at 40, 60, 80, and 100%, you can easily control the strength of the CT-720 to adjust to your current plant needs.

At 42.5×45 inches, it fits comfortably into either a 4×4 small scale or 5×5 commercial tented space and with a 5 year/50,000 hour warrantee, you can be prepared to cultivate to your little green heart’s content for years to come. For the grower’s protection, this light is IP65 waterproof and UL/DLC certified, as safety is always a top priority for the Cultiuana company.

Producing 2016 umol/s of light, its daisy chain capacity can control up to 100 fixtures using a lighting controller without reducing lighting system efficacy – perfect for large scale growing if you are so blessed to have that type of grow space available to you. US orders are always dispatched from the factory within 48 hours and come with free shipping, making it incredibly easy for you to embark on your cannabis cultivation journey in no time!

sea of green Cultiuana
Photo: Krissi Carbone

Exemplary even canopy coverage is finally accessible to all while the full spectrum photosynthetic properties in the CT-720 seemingly blow away the competition.

Lighting is paramount when it comes to cannabis cultivation as our plants utilize different wavelengths to promote growth in different developmental periods. Cannabis captures light by absorbing it and how well a plant then absorbs light depends on the plant’s pigments. As light has every color in the spectrum (red, yellow, blue, green, orange, indigo and violet), our plants are capable of absorbing all of these colors under prime conditions.

Contrary to some popular beliefs, these plants produce other pigmentation than the standard green we see in chlorophyll – therefore it is up to us to be able to harness them. Xanthophylls and carotenoids augment the light collected by chlorophyll so that green natural light is not consistently bouncing off the leaves and is absorbed into the plant for consumption and energy.

full tent Cultiuana
Photo: Krissi Carbone

The diodes in the Cultiuana CT-720 allow carotenoids to make use of the green wavelengths that chlorophyll cannot. Pigments can now move their way through different pathways, also known as “accessing pigments” and the stellar engineering of this light is what creates an end result of colorful tents and greater harvests.

The conversion of light, oxygen and water into energy is absolutely essential for maintaining plants and this light directly influences heightened plant growth and flowering.

Somewhat frustrating the Calvin Cycle, the CT-720 has an inherent ability to induce growing, develop strong stems, dense roots and lush leaves. Its overall power sparks photosynthesis at levels I had previously thought unattainable.

There is no further need for toothpick buying to prop up seedlings and no more worrying over etiolation as the days of long stretchy legs trying to find usable light are now long behind us. Cultiuana provides a market-enviable 400-700nm of perfect visible spectrum to your plants, aiding in enhanced photosynthetic properties for a more robust and bountiful harvest.

cannabis plants Cultiuana
Photo: Krissi Carbone

We live in difficult economic times where discretionary income has to be spent with discretion. The magnificent capabilities the Cultiuana CT-720 offers is a step in the right direction for the many growers plagued with financial woes and restrictions.

Running this impressive 720-watt unit at 24 hours a day throughout the vegetative period with an average kw/h cost of .16c, only costed me an additional $84.00/month in electricity consumption. In addition, this highly efficient and long-lasting unit provides incredible thermal resistance even with its extremely high output. Energy cost efficient with maximum yield potential, this bar light has immediately become a lighting cornerstone within the art of cannabis cultivation.

I have been fortunate enough to review a plethora of LED offerings from a wide array of lighting companies, some with more common household names than others. Despite its relatively new introduction into the market, Cultiuana and this model in particular have catapulted to the top of the competitive bazaar.

I cannot stress enough the magnitude of my Cultiuana grow in comparison to grows that preceded it. The countless superlatives that were used by friends and followers over the 4 month/8 plant/6 strain grow was merely an affirmation of my decision to choose this light above all others with similar claims of integrity.

As the conscientious person that I am, I would find it an injustice to not share my experience and knowledge of this exceptional unit with the masses. The Cultiuana CT-720 provided me with a momentous grow and a sense of security and confidence from seedling through flower.

tent full of cannabis plants Cultiuana
Photo: Krissi Carbone

A 420% quality device in a land of light mediocrity and suboptimal products, I couldn’t be any more satisfied with its overall functionality and methodical development. This light rendered incomparable light spectrums and driver technologies that single-handedly contributed to raising some of the most alluring and highest yielding marijuana I have ever grown.

Cultiuana has moved through and past all comparable lighting units to bestow upon the growing world a masterpiece of human innovation and ingenuity. Imparting top of the line, energy efficient and exceptionally dependable hydroponic grow equipment, the factory-direct acquisition makes LED buying decisions both accessible and effortless

For maximum grow potential, the healthiest plants, for peace of mind and for cost-saving effectiveness, the CT-720 is your new tried and true. I urge you, as a fellow cannabis enthusiast and cultivar, to experience this prodigious LED bar light for yourself. For the sake of your plants and for the furtherment of marijuana growing enjoyment, Cultiuana is your new go-to provider for all things lighting.

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