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Photo: Krissi Carbone

For 407 million years mycorrhizal have been evolving a symbiotic relationship with over 95% of terrestrial plant species; predating plants existence, these specialized fungi allowed plants to begin to colonize dry land and create Earth as we know it today.

Carl Young expressed the importance of a plant’s root system in one of his most famous quotes: “No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless it’s roots touch down to hell”

With a design based on the concepts of regenerative and sustainable agriculture, Dynomyco has created a mycorrhizal inoculant that effortlessly allows for the development of independent, self-sustaining gardens.

Available in a wide assortment of package sizes to suit the needs of any and all cultivars, these tiny fungi are needed in minimal quantities to provide maximum results.

At 3.5 oz/100g you can treat up to 20 plants. Their 7oz/250g package, treats up to 40. Their largest of 12 oz/340g and 26.05oz/750g can treat 68-150 plants.

Increasing my root zones by well over 100% versus previous grows, these fungi enhance the living rhizosphere in my soil, allowing my plants extended access to nutrients. The rhizosphere is the narrow region of your soil or substrate that is directly influenced by the microbiome and enhances nitrogen fixation, plant protection, phosphorus absorption and nutrient uptake.

Photo: Krissi Carbone

The fungi in Dynomyco lowers the salinity of soil therefore positively affecting its EC and pH, making the medium more suitable for your plants; its hyphae extend beyond the rhizosphere, latching on where roots normally wouldn’t be able to access.

Life creates life as the old adage goes. In Latin, myco means fungus while rhiza means root, deeming the literal interpretation of these spores as “Fungus Root”. Mycorrhizal adds healthy, organic biological entities to an already time-enduring and sustaining biological system in cannabis.

Photo: Krissi Carbone

Propagules, or mycorrhizal fungi which is a more commonly used term, colonize plants from 3 main sources of inoculum: vegetative hyphae, spores, and colonized root fragments. Dynomyco drives this colonization into absolute overdrive.

The science behind this particular inoculant, allows it to establish a near immediate symbiosis as roots are colonized in an expeditious fashion. This symbiosis allows the process to then become self-sustaining as mycelia continue to grow within the cannabis root system.

As such, I saw an incredible increase in the ability of my plants to transport and uptake nutrients. The growth in which I encountered using Dynomyco was nothing short of unprecedented. Countless grows before using this product, I flipped my plants to flower at 56 days. Their size and health was seemingly best for flower initiation at this juncture.

Upon implementing this mychorrizal at initial transplant as seedlings and then concurrently upon each following transfer to 3gl and finally 5gl soiled homes, I began needing to flip my plants nearly 2 weeks earlier. The root systems have been so well developed, I get excited come tranplant day to see just how many roots are engulfing my soil.

My plants have been growing at almost alarming rates since and have been the epitome of health and vibrancy, seedling through harvest.

Dynomyco provides suggested usage amounts and does so by container size for added ease of use. It also separates these usage amounts between seeds, seedlings, or clones and for transplantation purposes.


I have found a personal sweet spot in my usage at:

Per 5.5 inch pot as a seedling:
1tsp at the root site
1/2tsp mixed through media

Per 3gl pot upon transplant:
1 tbsp across the middle of the transplant site
1 tbsp mixed through media

Per 5gl pot upon transplant:
1.5 tbsp across the middle of the transplant site
1.5 tbsp mixed through media

In addition to the aforementioned, if you choose to clone using this product, you can mix a Dynomyco solution to soak your cubes or rockwool, accelerating the rooting process by 7-10 days on average.

Never would I have thought that I was missing out on so much in my grows not using an inocculant in the past. It wasn’t until I started digging for ways to make each and every grow better that I stumbled upon this fantastic product.

I’ve seen it all too often before, a grower who is end result focused.

For those who may ask, “But what can this do for my harvest? Will I yield more using Dynomyco?”.

The answer is a universally unanimous and deafening, Yes!

“It is in the roots, not the branches, that a plant’s greatest strength lies”
-Matshona Dhilwayo

Photo: Krissi Carbone

Using this product encourages and facilitates both flower and trichome production, contributing dynamically to my plants’ flowering stages of development.

I have seen increases of approximately 30% in final yield using this product coupled with a Flower Stacker. Dynomyco creates a unique enzyme that frees up phosphorus molecules and transports them more than efficiently in a readily available form. Phosphorus, a key nutrient needed during this phase, aids in flower production. By inoculating the roots, you already have extra phosphorus circulating through the plant’s system prior to the bloom phase of development.

The result? Bigger buds, healthy harvests and heavier yields. A cultivator’s wish list every year come the holidays is now a cultivator’s dream in the making.

In addition to increasing nutrient uptake, hastened growth, faster cloning and bigger harvests, Dynomyco Mycorrhizal Inoculants is the “ultimate protector”.

Whether dealing with environmental stressors such as excessive heat and drought, increased humidity causing mold or mildew, insects and more, the hyphae created by this product form a super highway of bacteria. These bacteria protect your plants 24/7 from the likes of all of these unmentionables.

Photo: Krissi Carbone

If you haven’t already started looking through Dynomyco’s website, I’m sure by now you are thinking about when you can find some time to browse away. What you will find is a bright and engaging company whose main goal is to help cultivators around the world support their plant’s overall grow potential. Their core mission is to create an environment that shifts commonly tedious and laborous agricultural practices into easy, sustainable solutions.

Backed by 30 years of scientific research from some of Israel’s top biologists, agronomists at Israel’s Institute for Agricultural Research, Dynomyco utilizes resilient strains of their local mycorrhiza to “harness the power of biology with technological innovation”.

All fungi is produced in-house and they never outsource for inoculants. Each batch is verified to ensure it has the highest possible concentration of whole inoculum. Screened by a Quality Control & Assurance team, you can feel confident knowing you are in receipt of the best-of-the-best.

Photo: Krissi Carbone

Assurance. Performance. Resilience.
3 words that resonate loudly when I hear the word Dynomyco. An organic biological that helps you to maintain a self sustaining garden beaming with life and vigor. A must-have in your growing arsenal, this is an innoculent light-years ahead of the competition.

Surround your roots with the absolute best and let Dynomyco outshine the rest.

420 Magazine Product Review by: Krissi Carbone
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