Hemp-Eaze Therapy Cream By Tierra Sol Farms Review

Hemp Eaze Therapy Cream

Hemp-Eaze was started more than 15 years ago by entrepreneur Darcy Stoddard after she suffered a severe ankle injury. Already having a passion for organic foods and remedies, Darcy decided to create a formula containing nine natural herbs: comfrey, burdock, hyssop, sage, lavender, lobelia, California bay, myrrh gum, and cannabis root. These naturally grown herbs were carefully selected for their healing properties. Darcy included cannabis root after her research revealed that the root of cannabis has unique anti-inflammatory capabilities. After treating her own injury with the cream, she noticed significant improvement and was able to make an amazing recovery. She then test marketed the product for three years, garnering feedback from arthritis sufferers, chemo patients and people who suffered from a myriad of other ailments. The feedback was amazing: people reported relief from painful scar tissue, bone sprains and breaks, psoriasis, fibromyalgia and more. Importantly, testing revealed that the root extract contained no THC, so it is available to purchase with out concern over illegality. Due to demand, there are now eight Hemp-Eaze products for specialized applications.

Truly Organic Products

Hemp-Eaze uses truly organic, natural herbal ingredients. Hemp-Eaze cream even smells natural and organic – earthy, perhaps. There is nothing about it that suggests “chemical-smell”. Personally, I like the natural earthiness of the smell, and it’s not too strong or outrageous (confession: I LOVE the smell of their Original Therapy Cream and Embrace Bath Teas especially). Compared to many so called “organic” creams and salves, these are genuinely organic products. For interesting reading on what some manufacturers call “organic”, check out Darcy’s blog on the Hemp-Eaze.com website. You won’t find any artificial colors, preservatives or additives here.

As an arthritis sufferer, I was especially anxious to see how the Original Therapy Cream compared to other treatments I’ve used. I have to admit I was a skeptic. Arthritis sufferers are frequently targeted consumers and there is a huge market full of questionable cures, remedies, and topical creams. Truth be told, I’ve tried many things and rarely have they made much difference in my overall discomfort level.

In addition to the Original Therapy Cream, I started using the Deep Healing Body Butter, Body Care Lotion, Lip Balm, Embrace Bath Tea and Tattoo Balm on a regular, or as-needed basis. Each product has specific uses, and some of them cross-over so it can be a little confusing, but they share some common ingredients, too. For example, I found that my aches were best covered by the Original Therapy Cream, while I used the Deep Healing Body Butter for things like cuts, scrapes and burns due to the additional antiseptic properties provided by the honey added to it. Having said that, I’ve also found that either is likely to provide substantial relief for cuts, scrapes, bruises and burns and general pain/inflammation.

Original Therapy Cream

Truthfully, I loved everything about the Original Therapy Cream, but didn’t see much arthritis pain relief initially. The secret for me, was in the heating of the cream, and this is recommended in the instructions for the product. Thinking I could vigorously rub it in for pain relief, I didn’t bother trying to warm it beyond that at first, resulting in negligible relief from the product. However, after slightly heating it, and rubbing it into my aches and pains in a warmed, more liquified state, I experienced much better relief. It really did make a difference for me, and I should have tried heating it from the beginning. The Hemp-Eaze website suggests a couple of ways to gently warm the cream, but I found my own unique method: I put it into a small bowl (ramekin) and set it on top of my toaster until it starts to melt. Then, I carefully removed it and let the heat of the ramekin finish liquifying the cream, being careful not to apply it while it’s too hot. What a wonder this product is when warmed and vigorously rubbed into the area being treated! I’ve gone from skeptic to fan, and this has become my favorite Hemp-Eaze product by a fair margin.

Deep Healing Body Butter

Right off the bat, I fell in love with the Deep Healing Body Butter. I had burned myself on the oven, and this provided immediate relief, and the burns really seemed to heal faster. I’ve since used it on minor cuts and scrapes, and it seems to both soothe and aid in healing. I’m not going to pretend I know whether it helped something heal faster than another ointment might, but it definitely performed up to par with other products I’ve used, and has the added benefit of being organic and environmentally friendly. This is a nice product – definitely a keeper.

Lip Balm

The lip balm wasn’t a hit with me at first. There is very little “taste”, but what is there wasn’t entirely pleasant to my palate at first. I realized I’d become accustomed to things containing artificial flavors and smells, and this has neither. After using for a week, I became used to the “tasteless” natural flavor, and completely appreciate it for what it is – natural. Best of all, is that this is a first-class lip balm. It doesn’t wear off immediately, it keeps your lips feeling soft and moist, and without feeling greasy. It’s perfect for dry conditions, outdoor activities or windy days. As a bonus, it was a great salve for a cold-sore I suffered just a month into using it. Perhaps the best lip-balm I’ve ever used – no kidding.

Tattoo Balm

The Hemp-Eaze Tattoo Balm is another great product from Tierra Sol Farm. I have a fairly new half-sleeve tattoo that occasionally itches and some of the colors/lines become irritated and raised up. While I’d bet this products best use might be for healing newer tattoos, it performed admirably to soothe my tattoo when it started to itch or bother me. A pleasant side benefit? You wouldn’t believe how much better your tattoo will look after rubbing this cream on it. The colors and lines are much more vivid and the overall tattoo looks newer and more attractive. I was genuinely surprised and impressed at just how much better my ink looked after applying this cream!

Soothe & Protect Body Care Lotion

In addition to the healing creams, I started using the Soothe & Protect Body Care Lotion as my daily moisturizer. In short, this is a great lotion and leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturized. My only complaints are that the smell is a little… “naturally antiseptic”, and there is a little bit of a shine left behind after using it. It feels great (though perhaps a little greasy at first), and is very soothing on dry skin, but not my favorite of their products. Still, I like the natural ingredients and love how well it soothes – especially very-dry or painful skin conditions.

Embrace Tea

Last but not least, is the herbal bath remedy, Embrace Tea. Like most kids, I hated bathes when I was younger. As I’ve matured and arthritis has become a part of daily life, I see the experience in a whole new light. In fact, it’s often the most helpful thing I can do to ease my worst aches and pains. Typically, I use Epsom salts to help alleviate these aches, but I was excited to try Hemp-Eaze Embrace Tea to see how it compared to my tried-and-true routine. Making the tea involves boiling a quart of water, removing from heat and letting the Embrace Tea bag steep in the hot water for 20 minutes. After, you simply poor the tea (bag and all) into your bath. The smell as the tea steeps is wonderful and calming – it smells natural and a bit antiseptic, but overall extremely pleasant. As a remedy for aches and pains, it performed excellent, leaving me feeling relaxed and with significantly less pain. I really like the Embrace Tea, more so than my tried and true Epsom salts, but the process of steeping it adds a little time to the process, so it’s good to plan accordingly.

Overall Impressions

Hemp-Eaze is a very nice niche of cannabis root healing products. If you are concerned for the environment, and care about true organic processes than the Hemp-Eaze line is right up your alley. Best of all, the products seem to work extremely well, and the many testimonials on their website support my own findings. They have found a way to tap into the natural therapeutic properties of the cannabis-root, a part of the plant with a healing history and a lot of potential but (wrongly) oft-overlooked for it’s medicinal benefits.

While I prefer some of their products to others, all seemed to perform as advertised and my own skepticism has been pleasantly put to rest. The saying “a little goes a long ways” really applies with the Hemp-Eaze line, and even a small container will provide you with many applications. My favorite product overall? Probably the Original Therapy Cream, which is the first product I recommend to friends when asked. The Embrace Bath Tea is incredibly soothing and effective, as well. Happily, after using them these past few months I continue to use and appreciate them all.

Reviewed by 420 Magazine Staff Writer – Xlr8

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