HVY Glass 4 Arm Showerhead Beaker Review


Here is a pefect example of a water pipe that you just have to love. Beakers have always been my favorite and I never knew why except, they just hit better. This beaker is exceptional, a true manifestation of genius in my humble opinion.

As glass makers begin to standardize percolation, I’ve noticed that several things get overlooked. First is the proper amount of diffusion sites, the number of slits in their down-stem diffusers, and the number of slits in their perc tree arms. Next is the size of these slits. Finally, the size of the base chamber in relation to the percolator chamber in addition to the aforementioned diffusion sections. These all play a role, and are integral in cooling and the passage of air vapor and smoke. When designed properly, these three variables can provide a rip that’s clean tasting and smooth, as apposed to harsh and overwhelming. To enjoy combusting fully one must not be offended by the smoke.

The HVY Glass 4 Arm Showerhead Beaker is 15.5″ tall, with a 4.5″ beaker base, not too tall and perfectly table stable. It boasts a 3×2 14/18mm low pro slotted diffuser down-stem, and a 4×4 slotted showerhead style percolater tree at 3′ long, with perfectly sized slits. The over-sized perc chamber doubles as a hand-hold for an incredibly comfortable grip. Then of course one of my prerequisites, the splash guard. 6 large slits cut in precisely and appropriately. You’d have to tug on this thing pretty darn hard to get a taste of your water. Lastly, three ice indentions for those who love that super cool draw. Of course this piece is sandblasted and embossed permanently with the HVY logo.

Made from 5mm quality borosilicate glass, the HVY Glass 4 Arm Showerhead Beaker is one of the tougher tabletop bongs in the world, but I treat mine like fine china.

4 Arm Showerhead Beaker features:
Perc: 4 arm showerhead perc
Splash guard
3 ice pinches
Slide joint:14mm female
Slide: 14mm male funnel slide with one hole
Downstem:14/18mm low pro 6 dlit diffused downstem
Downstem length from top of ground joint to diffused end:5.50 inches
Height:15.50 Inches
Beaker Base Diameter: 4.50 Inches
Glass Thickness: 5 mm
Logo: HVY Glass sandblasted logo
Made in California

Hats off once again to HVY Glass for yet another phenomenal work of art! They’ve been producing pipes for over a decade in California and offer a huge selection. I know for a fact that this particular piece is one that represents their honest attention to detail and showcases their brilliance.

Free-flowing air passage and proper diffusion combine to create hits as smooth as a vaporizer. I’ve never, and I mean literally never, had a cleaner or more flavorful and enjoyable hit than I have with this glass. I kid you not. I’ve been offered over sticker price for this water pipe by friends, until I show them the listing on line. It seems this unit is hard to find in the Denver Metro Area, but fear not, AquaLabTechnologies has got you covered.

420 Magazine Product Review By: Aaron Quix
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