Marijuana 101 By Professor Lee Review


Marijuana 101
Professor Lee’s Introduction to Growing Grade A Bud

As is the case with most books published on any one particular subject by different authors, Marijuana 101 Professor Lee’s Introduction to Growing Grade A Bud delivers its own unique perspective on Cannabis cultivation. Security should never be overlooked and one can never read too many books on cultivation; This is but one of many that provide the reader with insight and technical instruction dynamically in those areas, and can be of great value, especially for those new to growing Cannabis.

Marijuana 101, similar to many other Cannabis cultivation books is no slouch in the photography department, featuring plenty of professional pictures and pictorials for those whom, like myself, learn best visually or hands on. Most of the language is straight forward and easy to absorb, while more technical terminology is further explained leaving the reader with few if any questions.

If I had one wish when it comes to instructional books on Marijuana, it would be to have the information tailored to my learning style but alas, one must sort through the information as it is available to them. Speaking of style, I found the book to be a tad scattered in its presentation, as it seems to jump around from subject to subject at first glance, but after a thorough read it becomes clear what the author is doing with regard to teaching style. Some growers will get this book and all its contents the first time through, and some will need to read it twice. In my opinion, any good book worth a first read is worth a second, as there’s always something to be gained from reading instructional literature more than once.

In Lesson 1.1, Professor Lee begins his introduction of Marijuana to the novice reader with a brief FAQ called “Potology” in which topics such as the medicinal use of Cannabis, the life cycle and the differences between hemp and cannabis are touched on. Lesson 1.2 spends a few pages on common-sense security measures (not so common sometimes) like not throwing eight pounds of leaf trim in your personal garbage and remembering to keep your smoking paraphernalia off of the dash of your car. Obviously, I’m being facetious but you get the point. While I can’t advocate the breaking of state and local laws, I think it stands to reason that anything you do with regard to Cannabis cultivation should be kept private and sacred, so on to Lesson 1.3: Nutrients.

Familiar to most experienced growers are the famed N-P-K, or Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. The list goes on and on when it comes to the nutrients necessary to propagate our beloved plant, but a short read on macro- and micro-nutrients is all one needs when beginning cultivation of Cannabis. Listing numerous nutrient deficiencies and their symptoms, this lesson also explains proportions and ratios of nutrients typically used when feeding your plants, discusses organics, pH and other issues related to nutrients and their effects on the plant. I’d consider this chapter the real start of the learning experience.

With so many critical aspects of Cannabis gardening worthy of lengthy discussion, it’s hard to really call a book fewer than two hundred pages in length a true “lesson” in cultivation. It’s worth noting, though, that many topics commonly not discussed in other introductory type books ARE touched on in this one. These include but are not limited to: container selection and use, pests, atmosphere (very important), hydroponic gardening, soil gardening, plant “training”, cloning and even a section on making cannabis butter with your finished product. A fine addition to any growers library, I think Marijuana 101 could be of great benefit to the very new or slightly less than experienced growers. If you’ve never read a book on cannabis cultivation, there’s no reason this shouldn’t be your first with its palatable length, diversity of information and readable language.

Author: Professor Lee
Book Review By: Quixilvir
Publisher: Green Candy Press
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