Medical Uses Of Marijuana Review


Medical Uses of Marijuana
by Joseph W. Jacob, B.A., M.P.A

This budget-bound book features grainy, blurry, black and white images that appear to be the result of making copies of copies on an older copier with a bad drum. Interspersed around the blurry graphics is a tremendous amount of text, much of which is displaced by the pictures. This feature alone made the book difficult to read, but I read it nevertheless.

The content begins with a thorough historical account of Cannabis usage from ancient times up until Columbus. It is well documented and footnoted and describes liturgical, recreational, medical and industrial use of Cannabis, providing ample research and supporting evidence for the author’s statements.

Then, beginning with George Washington and continuing up to 2009, a grand litany of each and every law, act, directive or policy regarding marijuana in both the USA and Canada is described in detail. Not only that, but quite a few of the laws and policies regarding alcohol during the same time frame are also recounted and contrasted with the laws regarding Cannabis.

A major theme for the vast majority of the book is that alcohol is harmful, while Marijuana is helpful. That and pointing out the corruption, hypocrisy and special favors to captains of industry that shaped Marijuana policy comprise the remainder of the content. There are ample footnotes and a rather extensive bibliography and sources in the back of the book, taking up perhaps 25% of the overall thickness of the paper bound volume.

Tedious but thorough is the best way to describe this book. The many medical uses of Marijuana are alluded to in long lists that are repeated over and over. These lists along with the phrase “God’s Green Herb Marijuana plants” is repeated on every page! Contrary to the suggestion in the title, no practical methods of medical use are described in detail, just a long list of conditions that can be successfully treated with “God’s Green Herb Marijuana plants.”

While this book is definitely packed with information, especially for those who need to be convinced of the utter failure of the Drug War and the true reasons for Marijuana prohibition, I cannot say it is a good read, neither can I say it is well written. If you are hoping to get information on how to use marijuana medicinally, you will not find such information in this book. It is a political statement and a history book, but it does not describe actual usage of Cannabis.

Alas, the extremely poor graphics and type setting means it doesn’t belong on the coffee table either.

In summation: Great information coupled with a presentation and writing style that doesn’t inspire or hold one’s interest.

Book cover - Medical Uses of MarijuanaAuthor: Joseph W. Jacob, B.A., M.P.A.
Book Review by: Doc Bud
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
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