The Cannabis Encyclopedia Review


The Cannabis Encyclopedia
The Definitive Guide to Cultivation and Consumption of Medical Marijuana
By Jorge Cervantes

Absolutely mind blowing! At 594 pages this is not your average coffee table book. Not a single concept is missed, not a single idea untouched. Every Cannabis lover needs to own this book, whether you participate in propagation or simply enjoy imbibing; this book has much in store for everyone. You simply can’t find a more comprehensive book on this plant.

Part 1

This section presents three chapters delving into a fairly in-depth history, science and anecdotal description of Cannabis. A real eye opener. Any student doing research could put together quite a detailed thesis using only the first forty pages, and I’ve read longer books with less information than this section alone. Don’t skip the section on Medical Cannabis Varieties!

Part 2

Horticulture will likely be the focus of many readers, and this book contains nine chapters, one hundred and forty seven pages absolutely PACKED with everything you never knew you needed to read on just that aspect. Notable are the details given for both indoor and outdoor farming and the many graphic charts and photographs to take the reader from step one in preparation all the way through harvest. You can’t fail following Jorge’s professional techniques and brilliant approaches to cultivation.

Part 3

This portion gets really technical, reaching even further into the art and science of growing Medical Cannabis. As someone who’s grown small closet crops for personal use for over half a decade, I found chapters fourteen through twenty five to be exactly what I need to take many necessary steps forward in my quest for the best.
Although we often find a style that fits our environments, our schedules and our situations, there’s always room for improvement. Part three is the improvement phase of the book for those who’ve been stuck in a rut with regard to their skill, knowledge and true understanding of cannabis. You can grow mid-grade flowers for years and be ok with that, but why not improve your ability and mature as a grower if there exists a current, thorough and easy-to-understand guide full of YEARS of professional experience? Take the leap, fine-tune and refine your current skill. 300 pages of everything, and I mean EVERYTHING you need to become a successful grower lives between pages 203 and 507. I’ll admit that some of the more technical science contained in the latter chapters of part three were a bit intimidating, but well worth reading several times.

Part 4

This focuses on the post-harvest insanity including multiple methods of extraction to make medical concentrates and tinctures, how to consume them, lotions and salves and more. Cooking, safety and the ever prevalent decarboxylation are also discussed in chapter 27, among many other interesting things.

In summary:

Part One – Medical Cannabis, measurement of Cannabinoids and the botanical classification of cannabis. Written for the lay person who wants to understand the the basic scientific detail behind medical cannabis including CBD-rich strains.

Part Two – Delves into the life cycle of cannabis and details each phase of growth from germination to harvest, drying and curing.

Part Three – For advanced growers looking to learn essential facts. You’ll find specific answers to questions about air, water, soil, nutrients, additives, container and hydroponic gardens, diseases, pests and basic breeding.

Part Four – Essential for medical patients and caregivers, and gardeners with large crops.

Part Five – Appendix, the history of Jorge’s career and a detailed index.

Jorge Cervantes is very well known and needs no introduction in most corners of the Cannabis community. His videos and books are far reaching and a pleasure to absorb but this book is a singular pleasure to own. I couldn’t believe the wealth of knowledge Jorge has to share, and am amazed he’s been able and willing to compile it in such a treasure of literature. Novice and seasoned growers, casual to connoisseur consumers alike will benefit from The Cannabis Encyclopedia.

Author: Jorge Cervantes
Book Review by: Aaron Quix
Publisher: Van Patterson Publishing
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