“Jitte” Sidecar Dab Rig With UFO Perc Review


Dankstop is a one stop shop for your smoking needs – from vaporizers to rolling papers and everything in between. As they say, the fast and friendly staff at Dankstop will help get you to Cloud 9 in style.

Dankstop sent over an awesome piece from Ronin Glass for review. Ronin Glass, based out of New Jersey, makes unique high quality bongs and dab rigs with thick, borosilicate glass. They also offer different types of percolators in their glass for a smooth hit: no matter what your preference, there will be one to suit.

I received the Ronin Glass “Jitte” Sidecar Dab Rig with UFO perc from Dankstop and it instantly became a favorite. All of the glass Ronin offers is inspired by the ancient samurai. At 9 inches it’s a compact rig, but the mouthpiece is the perfect distance from the nail so you can easily see what your doing. I love how stable the glass is with its wide base, how my lips rest in the flared mouthpiece, the effortless pull, and how smooth my hits are. The smoothest dabs I’ve ever experienced. All my other glass is now collecting dust.

The dab rig is so durable, I’ve dropped it a few times on the carpet already and it survives. The nail it comes with on the other hand is not, so make sure you pick up something that will last the high temperatures.

Dankstop was fast and discrete with their shipping and the packaging was bomb proof. Dankstop included some lighters with the inscription “Thou shalt not steal” which made my wife and I laugh, and a really cool pack of papers that would stay shut with magnets.

Be sure to check out Ronin Glass and the rest of the glass collection at Dankstop

420 Magazine Review By: Rich Farmer

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