True Living Organics: The Ultimate Guide to Growing All-Natural Marijuana Indoors Review


Let’s get right to the point and not waste words: In this writer’s opinion every organic gardener should have this book in their possession, most likely with dirt and stains on it. Everything a gardener needs for successful, high quality organic produce is laid out in this book in step by step format. The book is a bit lean on science but it is very long on practical application of scientifically sound gardening practices.

Crafting soils, brewing microbial teas, grow room techniques and a detailed, concise reference of nearly every tool organic gardeners use, from Alfalfa meal to Zeolite, every additive imaginable is covered along with detailed explanations of uses and methods.

Need to learn how to water correctly? Set up a grow room? That’s included in the book as well, and as someone who does a bit of growing myself I can say that everything The Rev brings up in this lovely book is excellent advice and very much worth adopting as practice.

The chapter on Tea’s alone is worth double the cover price. There are exact recipes given for brewing teas specific for different stages of growth and some very clever feeding methods, like “spikes” which allows nutrients and biology to make contact with the roots.

The few things he had to say that I disagreed with were very minor and of such low importance they do not bear mentioning here. This book would make a fantastic gift to any grower who expresses interest in growing extremely high quality, delicious, healthy marijuana.

A first time grower could also benefit from this book, as there are step by step recipes and directions for “easy” mixes, all the way up to custom teas and layered soils. On top of all that, the book is also a good reference source, with several helpful lists of ingredients and their uses.

It was a please reading this book and sharing the passion for growing HIGH QUALITY Marijuana with The Rev. He gets it. He understands the beauty of this plant and the benefits that can be had from growing it right.

Thanks Rev!

Author: The Rev
Book Review by: Doc Bud – 420 Magazine Staff Writer
Publisher: Green Candy Press